Frequently Asked Questions about Inclusion, Free Speech and Tolerance

  • Is FAU hospitable to Jewish students?
  • What does FAU do to ensure no students are targeted?
  • Is the University in compliance with Department of Education guidelines and policies associated with ensuring a safe and hospitable learning environment free from unlawful discrimination?
  • Can students or the public hide behind freedom of speech on a public university campus to target other students?
  • What is the FAU’s approach to free speech?
  • I’ve heard Students for Justice in Palestine have threatened Jewish students and created an anti-Semitic environment. What has the university done about it?
  • How does FAU encourage diversity?
  • Specifically, how does FAU support its Jewish students and create an inviting environment?
  • If a student feels as if they have been targeted for their religion, how should they report that to the university?
  • Where can I find more information?

"FAU is an incredibly diverse community with students from a wide range of backgrounds. It's a place where students can encounter a broad spectrum of new experiences, express their own opinions and see how others respond to their ideas."
– Frederick Greenspahn, Ph.D., Gimelstob Eminent Scholar in Judaic Studies

"FAU welcomes students from around the world who embrace the opportunity to engage in open dialogue with a diverse student body and faculty. FAU reflects the greater society and is in fact a global village."
– Alan Berger, Ph.D., Raddock Family Eminent Scholar, Chair for Holocaust Studies

"Jewish Life at Florida Atlantic University is alive and well."
– Matthew C. Levin, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

 Last Modified 6/3/13