Intro to Dentistry 

Highly suggested enrichment course for dental school applicants.

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Intro to Dentistry is a 10 week 65 hour hands-on certificate course that gives students the opportunity to explore dentistry as a possible career, as well as make them better candidates for entering dental school.

Dental Skills

  • Basic cavity preparations
  • Placement of fillings
  • Full crown and veneer preparations
  • Fabrication of temporary crowns and veneers
  • Pouring stone models
  • Trimming dies
  • Dental photography

Specialty Units

  • Perform root canal therapy on typodont teeth
  • Fabricate orthodontic retainers
  • Practice suturing techniques
  • Place dental implants/bone grafts
  • Practice using a dental lasers
  • Learn waxing techniques

Dental loupes and a dental operating microscope are available to use for each procedure.

What They Are Saying

Thank you to Dr. Gerard Cuomo and all the TA's for making the Introduction to Dentistry course a great learning experience for me! This course gave me the insight needed to pursue a career in dentistry and prepared me with valuable skills. A "must take" class, definitely!

Michelle Gonzalez

Thank you for everything you have taught me Dr. Cuomo. It truly was a great experience. I am very grateful for all the hard work you have put into making that class as it has really allowed me to further encourage myself to reach my goal of one day becoming a dentist.

Bassam Saleh

I wanted to thank you for an incredible and enlightening course and semester. Universities need more programs like this. From the guest speakers, hands-on experience and small group lectures, you have truly developed an amazing dental program. I have told family and friends countless times, this was one of the best investments of my pre-dental career. I hope to see the program extend to schools across the nation as the years go on.

Tricia Wojtisek

Greatest course available that every pre-dental student should take. Couldn't recommend this course enough. I wish it lasted even longer after it ended. Dr. Cuomo is the best and most passionate instructor when it comes to the field of dentistry and I couldn't see this course being taught by anyone else, or existing for that matter without him. Taking this course made me realize just how much dentistry is the right fit for me and I'm sure it'll help every pre-dental student realize that as well after getting the opportunity to explore all the different aspects and fields within dentistry.

Neil Sookdeo

This class is absolutely amazing and an opportunity every pre-dental student should take advantage of. It helps you decide A) if you really have a passion for dentistry and B) connect with/ get advice from people who have been through the journey of applying to dental school or people who are in the same shoes as you are.

Sydney Tomlinson

The Introduction to Dentistry course provided me with a unique look into the world of dentistry. Hands-on experience gave me the opportunity to put my manual dexterity to the test. Being able to work with the materials and instruments that dentists, dental students, and other dental professionals work with allowed me to try firsthand some of the techniques that are learned in dental school.

Christina Bambaren

Most of us had never had an opportunity to hold a drill, take an impression, and really get a feel for dentistry before this program. This is the course that solidified the dental path for me. This course will open your eyes to some of the facets of dentistry you don’t get to explore until your 2nd or 3rd year of dental school, and by then you are so invested you can’t turn back. For me, this course has been invaluable.

Rodney Kryzhanovskiy

I encourage all students, pre-dental, pre-health, or those still unsure of what profession they want to pursue to take this course. This will not only make you a stronger applicant, but give you the skills and knowledge about dentistry that are hard to obtain by just shadowing.Getting into dental school is not easy and we can often feel lost at times. Becoming a part of this class and making connections with other students and dentists has made this process a million times easier.

Lyda Ramirez

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