Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal (ECW) Appeal Form
Florida Atlantic University


Instructions for ECW Appeal Form:

  1. The ECW Appeal form and any additional pages must be completed and typed by the student.
  2. The ECW Appeal form must be submitted and dated by the student.
  3. If appealing a decision made through the process the student must submit the ECW Appeal form electronically and will receive the appeal decision letter via your FAU email account.
  4. The ECW Appeal forms are submitted to  srvpstudentaffairs@fau.edu  (Building 80, Student Services, Room 215, Dr. Corey King, Vice President for Student Affairs.)
  5. If you would like to submit additional documentations please send it to  srvpstudentaffairs@fau.edu .
  6. ECW Appeal forms should not be submitted to The Associate Vice President and Dean of Students office.
  7. The ECW Appeal form must be received in correspondence within ten (10) business days of the date of receipt of Notive of Decision. Late appeals with NOT be accepted.
  8. The appeal determination of the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee is final and binding on all parties. There are no further appeals within the University. The student has the right to appeal the University's final decision to an external judicial forum.


See ECW Process at:  http://www.fau.edu/dean/exceptionalwithdrawal.php




First Name:    Last Name:                         


Z Number:                    FAU E-mail:

I am writing to appeal the outcome of my ECW application within the Dean of Student Office.

I was notified of the decision on  (date). 


Provide information regarding reason for appeal:

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