S. Raymond Golish M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.
speaker golishDr. S. Raymond Golish, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., is a surgeon, scientist and healthcare executive working at the intersection of technology, quality, and value. As a PhD computer scientist and data scientist with extensive experience in advanced analytics, clinical trials, artificial intelligence, and medical devices, he has held leadership roles in industry, government, and professional societies. He chairs the Biomedical Engineering Committee of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and is a former special government employee to the US Food and Drug Administration among many other roles. 


 Felix Hartmann
speaker felix Felix Hartmann is a German-American Tech Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Trader. Hartmann serves as the Managing Partner of Hartmann Capital, navigating its flagship Hartmann Digital Assets Fund. Next to the hedge fund, Hartmann also founded Crypto Academy, one of the largest crypto trader and investor educational platforms and has since advised several blockchain projects. Hartmann is also the bestselling futuristic author of 'Dark Age' and a leading voice on social media championing topics like blockchain, AI, and trans-humanism.  

 Joe Russo
Joe Russo is the founding Executive Director of the Palm Beach Tech Association, a nonprofit committed to Building the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub. Since July 2015, Joe led the organization to attract over 150 corporate members and over 8,000 professionals to their community, with an annual budget over $250,000 and 3 full time staff. In 2016, Joe spearheaded and effort to bring Downtown West Palm Beach its first coworking space, raising over $150,000 with the Knight Foundation, City of West Palm Beach, and private donors.

 Michael Smirnov, Ph.D.
Dr. Michael Smirnov is a neural data scientist and research associate professor at Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) and Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Through collaborations with MPFI Scientists, he utilizes machine learning to develop software which aids in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of multimodal neuroscientific data. In September 2018 he was selected to run MPFI’s one-of-a-kind data science program in collaboration with FAU. The program gives FAU high school students hands-on experience working with cutting-edge neuroscience data while studying and developing their own deep learning tools.


Alice Rose, Senior Product Manager
Modernizing Medicine
Alice Rose is Senior Product Manager at Modernizing Medicine. Since joining the company in early 2014, she has been instrumental in helping to build new Clinical Research and Data Warehouse products. Her passion is in using big data and advanced analytics to build products that help physicians practice more efficiently and make timely, accurate diagnoses that result in better outcomes for patients. Alice holds a degree in Neuroscience from Wellesley College.