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SEPTEMBER 27, 28, 29, 2013 | Performing Arts Bldg. (PA), RM 101

In the context of contemporary Cuban Cinema, what is “alternative”? Is it the same as “independent,” “experimental” or “underground”? “Submerged: Alternative Cuban Cinema Festival,” will present a selection of films that represent an alternative to institutionally sanctioned or sponsored media, as well as films that challenge conventional topics and forms. These are films dealing with characters, themes, points-of-view and formal elements not found in mainstream Cuban cinema. Some of these are “experimental” in that they challenge the limits of the medium, the production process, or the structure of the work. Others are “underground,” in that they function outside of what Juan Antonio García Borrero has called the “icaicentric.” These films connote something subversive that might make mainstream audiences uncomfortable; they are films that challenge expectations and cinematic traditions and that transcend the conditions that “official” visual culture might have imposed. Their audacity is relevant for contexts that go beyond the Cuban.



Special presentation on
Sunday, September 29 at 4:00 p.m.

Please join us for a Q&A following
the screening with
Miguel Coyula.

Trailer for Memorias del desarrollo:



is a collaboration between FAU, Rice, Princeton, and Tulane universities. The films were selected and curated by Dean Luis Reyes, Cuban film journalist and visiting professor at the International School of Cinema and Television, San Antonio de los Baños. Cuban film director Miguel Coyula also contributed to the selection and compilation and will present his award-winning film Memories of Overdevelopment to close the festival on Sunday. Co-organizers from Rice University and FAU, Professors Luis Duno-Gottberg and Michael J. Horswell, edited an extensive scholarly program that will be available for sale at the festival.
“Submerged is a provocation that pushes us to think critically about a production –independent, alternative, subterranean and, most appropriately, underwater– as it exists in the process of revision and reconstruction in times when cinema is changing irreversibly due to new technologies, differences in the exhibition and distribution networks and the destabilization of concepts as germane to Cuban film as that of ‘national cinema.’”
  Javier Guerrero, Princeton University

This festival is free and open to the public . In addition to the screening of 18 Cuban films, there will be discussions and lectures by Cuban filmmakers and scholars of Latin American film.

See full program above for times and locations. All films are screened on FAU’s Boca Raton’s campus in PA 101 (Performing Arts Building) .

For more information, contact Dr. Michael J. Horswell ( Horswell@fau.edu )




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