The following training values guide our program:

  • We train individuals to be well-rounded generalists, including but not limited to the performance of individual counseling, group counseling, relationship counseling, crisis intervention, assessment and diagnosis, outreach, and consultation.


  • We take an approach of meeting already well-developed individuals where they are and helping them to develop further.


  • Our training is individualized. We help Interns advance in their areas of interest and need, assisting them in efforts to achieve the core competencies described in this manual.


  • We value Interns having a working knowledge of their own values, being self-aware, and staying invested in furthering their personal growth and professional awareness.


  • We value training primarily in the practice of brief therapeutic interventions. We have found that given our setting, this type of intervention is most effective.


  • While we train well-rounded generalists, we emphasize providing psychotherapy and learning to appropriately use and provide supervision.


  • We value work with diverse populations. For example, we work extensively with clients struggling with the full range of issues from phase of life struggles to the most severe mental health issues. We value diversity in race, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, physical ability, religion, and sexual orientation.


  • We value intentional treatment. We are thoughtful and directed in our approach to treatment and encourage thinking through options and alternatives in therapy approaches.


  • We value continued learning and having a sound theoretical and empirical knowledge base.


  • The environment we value is respectful, supportive, collaborative, and relaxed.


  • We strive for a balance between structure and flexibility, between prescribed training and individualized training.


  • We value Interns taking responsibility for their own learning, self-motivation, self-direction, independent thinking and judgment in professional roles as well as accurate self-assessment of competencies and appropriate consultation with other staff members when those competencies are surpassed.


  • We value knowledge and practice of professional, ethical and legal behavior.


  • We value Interns developing confidence in their skills, clearly recognizing their limits, as well as practicing within their competence.


  • We value Interns being invested not just in their own professional development, but being invested in that of their colleagues and sharing their knowledge in a way that would enable them to contribute to colleagues' professional development.


  • We value Interns being mentally healthy themselves. We want them to be free of any significant mental health obstacles that might interfere with competent practice and appropriate interaction with colleagues.


  • We value professional development through extensive supervision.


  • We value attention to our work within the larger systems in which we exist at Florida Atlantic University as a whole and in the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.


Training Philosophy and Model

The model of training embraced by CAPS is best described as a “Practitioner Developmental” model. We believe that our interns will become competent practitioners through a developmental process. The following principles underlie the training program:

(1) the competent practice of psychology entails the development of advanced skills in a broad range of generalist activities;

(2) competent practice involves appropriate modification within different groups to meet individual and culturally diverse needs;

(3) psychological practice is based on the science of psychology and contributions to the field are encouraged;

(4) the emergence of a professional psychologist is the culmination of a developmental process which begins prior to internship and extends beyond the completion of the training year; and

(5) mental health practitioners should exhibit a high degree of professionalism. These principles form the basis for the practice of psychology by the staff of CAPS and therefore the training philosophy is consistent with our mission, goals, and culture.   

We are part of a culturally diverse institution. Our program provides training and clinical experience to foster growth in providing services to a diverse population through emphasis on self-awareness, greater understanding of socio-cultural contexts and focus on the role of culture. Success in this placement requires the ability to integrate practice, theory, ethics, self-awareness, and professionalism. In addition, trainees who exhibit a great deal of flexibility and openness to new experiences will most likely flourish in our training program.

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