Interns have the option to participate in a specialty rotation each semester. They will select one of the special topic rotations and apply to participate by meeting with the supervisor for this area and requesting the rotation through the training director as they plan their semester experience.

Available rotations:

  • College Counseling Center Administration
  • Outreach
  • Trauma
  • Working with Gay Men
  • Eating Disorders
  • Therapeutic Personality Assessment
  • Working with Athletes

Interns have the option to create their own specialty rotation based on an area of interest and availability of a supervisor. Intern created rotations will be submitted to the Training Committee for review and possible approval. Rotations consist of a commitment of four-six hours per week, individual supervision, clinical work and reading in that area, and other activities such as outreach, psycho-education, and observation related to that area. Selection of rotations will be made in the first two weeks of the fall semester and prior to the start of the spring and summer semesters. Placements in a rotation will be reviewed and coordinated by the Director of Training.

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