The Initial Appointment


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an initial appointment please dial (561) 297-3540 or visit us at Student Services Building (SSB #8), Room 229 (above the food court breezeway). Partner campus locations can be found by clicking here .

We have two methods to scheduled the initial appointment:

  • The first method allows you to schedule your appointment in advance. The wait for this appointment may be a few days to a couple of weeks. 
  • The second method allows you to schedule your appointment on a same-day basis. This means you should call CAPS after 8:30AM and ask if there are any same-day appointments available. This is a limited service and we only provide 1-3 same-day appointments daily.  Note: Same-day appointment scheduling system is only for the Boca campus.

To ensure that you will have opportunity to schedule at a time that is convenient with your schedule, we encourage you to call as early in semester as possible, since times available for initial appointments are provided to students in the order that they are scheduled.

What should I expect?

The initial appointment will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your issue/concerns with a counselor in a confidential setting. Typically, these appointments can last between 30-50 minutes. We will ask you to arrive to the center 30 minutes before your appointment to complete initial paperwork. Many students find that the initial appointment is sufficient to meet their needs and concerns. Other students may require ongoing/short-term support. Regardless of your situation, your counselor will listen to you and evaluate your situation, and determine what internal/external resources/referrals are a best match for you. These resources/referrals may include services offered at CAPS or a referral to other campus or community services.

What if I need to come to the CAPS immediately or need to talk to someone after-hours?

Click here to visit our Emergency Services webpage.



 Last Modified 3/26/15