Counseling & Psychological Services Survey

Directions: Please respond briefly to the following questions. Your responses will be valuable in assisting of Florida Atlantic University Counseling & Psychological Services in better serving the campus community. All responses will be kept confidential.

Please check the appropriate boxes:

1. I am a(n): Full-time Student Part-time Student Administrator/Faculty/Staff

2. I am a(n): Freshmen - Sophomore Junior - Senior Graduate Student  Administrator/Faculty/Staff

3. My primary campus is: Boca Raton Campus Davie Campus Jupiter Campus

4. Ethnicity: Black/African-American    Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)    Hispanic/Latino   
Asian/Pacific Islander    Other (please specify)

5. Prior to this survey, I was aware that the Counseling & Psychological Services existed on campus. Yes No

6. I know where the Counseling & Psychological Services is located on campus. Yes No

7. I was aware that individual counseling/ psychotherapy is available for both full and part-time students and their partners/ family. Yes No

8. I am familiar with the following Counseling & Psychological Services: 

Family Counseling Crisis Intervention Outreach / Educational Programs
Group Psychotherapy Psychiatric Services Individual Psychotherapy
Support Groups Couples Counseling Consultation to Campus Organizations and Residence Halls

9. I believe there is a fee for using the Counseling & Psychological Services. Yes No

10. The Counseling & Psychological Services is equipped to do the following:

Treat Depression Treat problems related to the college experience, such as homesickness, test anxiety, and relationship problems
Treat Anxiety Treat multicultural issues such as "coming out" and issues dealing with adjusting to a new culture
Treat Psychosis Treat issues related to alcohol and drug use
Prescribe and monitor psychiatric medication

11. Would there be circumstances in which you would refer someone to the Counseling & Psychological Services? Yes No

12. Would there be circumstances in which you would utilize services at the Counseling & Psychological Services? Yes No

13. Would there be circumstances that would keep you from using the Counseling & Psychological Services? Yes No

If yes please specify

14. Please give us feedback on how the Counseling & Psychological Services could better serve the campus community:

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 Last Modified 3/26/15