Kirk Dougher, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist
Executive Director for Health & Wellness and Director for CAPS

Kirk Dougher obtained his B.S. in psychology from Utah State University and his Ph.D. clinical psychology from the University of Nevada.  He is employed in the Florida Atlantic University Counseling and Psychological Services, where he serves as director.  Kirk has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses.  Additionally, he conducts therapy, supervises students in psychotherapy skills acquisition and engages in research.  His practice specializes in the treatment of the anxiety cluster, athletic performance enhancement, sexuality, and eastern philosophical interventions.

Kirk enjoys the beach, a wide variety of outdoor activities, and any activities he can do with his partner.


Rene Monteagudo, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist
Associate Director/Clinical Director

René Monteagudo is the Associate Director/Clinical Director at the Counseling Center and is a licensed psychologist. Originally from Miami, René received his Bachelor, Master and Specialist degrees from the University of Florida and his Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Indiana University. He completed his doctoral internship at the Penn State Counseling Center. René specializes in student development, training, supervision, group therapy, LGBT and Latino/a populations. He works from an integrative model that incorporates a diversity sensitive approach. When not at the Counseling Center, you can find René enjoying time with his family and friends.


Rhonda F. Seiman, Ph.D.                      
Assistant Director for Boca Campus and Training Director, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Seiman earned her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, the Brooklyn Center. Her internship was at Manhattan Psychiatric Center where she specialized in treatment of the severely mentally ill. Dr. Seiman continued on as a staff therapist after completion of the training year. Dr. Seiman completed a two year post-doctoral Fellowship at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City. Post-fellowship she continued at the Institute as a staff therapist, trainer, and workshop leader. She began to work primarily with college students when she joined the Personal Counseling Center at Brooklyn College. Dr. Seiman is currently a staff psychologist at FAU and is our Assistant Director and Director of Training. She works from a Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy/Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy orientation and believes in the power of change. She uses positive psychology and works with a strengths based approach. Dr. Seiman enjoys helping clients with depression, anxiety, transition, relationship, and grief issues.

Dr. Seiman continues to enjoy working with college undergrad and graduate students on the diverse range of issues that students are managing while at FAU. She has dedicated much time to supervising and training the next generation of psychotherapists and delights in the ability to introduce new ideas and techniques and to continue learning from students and experts in the field. She is a qualified mental health counseling supervisor and licensed as a psychologist in both Florida and New York.

Outside of work Dr. Seiman likes to spend time with her family and friends, play with her dog, and enjoy outdoor activities such as yoga, weight training, running, walking, hiking, cooking, as well as movies.


Amber Lyda, Psy.D.
Assistant Director for Northern Campuses, Assistant Training Director, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Lyda obtained a Master's and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University.  She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida.  Before coming to Florida Atlantic University in 2012, she worked in the Counseling and Psychological Services Center at Appalachian State University in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina for five years.  Prior to that, she spent two years in Virginia, first completing her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Virginia and her post-doctoral residency at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She is currently one of our Assistant Directors as well as our Assistant Training Director. 

Dr. Lyda is dedicated to her work with college students, both in therapy as well as through training and supervision of future psychologists.  She believes that these years hold amazing opportunities for growth.  While Dr. Lyda enjoys working with a wide array of student issues like anxiety, depression and relationship concerns, she has a special interest and experience in treating students who have experienced trauma/s.

Outside of work Dr. Lyda likes to spend time with her husband, friends, family and dog-extraordinaire, Bella Luna.  A Florida native, she loves being near the ocean and spending time outside. 


Victoria Dodman, Psy.D
Assistant Director for Broward Campuses, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Dodman obtained a Master's and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University.  She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts in Boston.  Before coming to Florida Atlantic University in 2010, she was in private practice, worked at an outpatient holistic rehabilitation center and taught as Adjunct Professor at Broward College and Nova Southeastern University.  Prior to that, she spent completed her pre-doctoral internship Broward General Medical Center and her post-doctoral residency at Florida Atlantic University.  She is currently the Assistant Director for Broward Campuses. 

Dr. Dodman is dedicated to her work with college students, both in therapy as well as through training and supervision of future psychologists. Dr. Dodman operates under the principle that we are all capable of living meaningful and more fulfilling lives if there is a desire and motivation to do so. She enjoys working with a wide array of student issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, impacts of diversity and coping with medical diagnoses.

Outside of work Dr. Dodman enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, traveling and going to the beach.


Melinda A. Lawless Coker, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist & Family Therapist

Dr. Lawless Coker obtained a Master's of Science degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from St. Thomas University in Miami and a Doctorate in Psychology from Carlos Albizu University in Miami. Before coming to FAU, she worked at the Watershed Program, a drug treatment facility in Boca Raton, as well as in Broward County’s Drug Court Treatment Program. Melinda (or M.A.) was an intern for a year at the Family & Child Development Center within the Miami-Dade County Department of Human Services. She began at the counseling center in 2005 as the Alcohol & Other Drugs Program Coordinator. As a senior member of CAPS’ staff, she’s currently our Groups and Veterans’ Coordinator.

M.A. continues to very much enjoy working with college and graduate students on the diverse range of issues that students are managing while at FAU. She is also dedicated to helping facilitate relationships with many departments on campus to help make counseling services for students at FAU as accessible as possible.

Outside of work, M.A. likes to spend time with her family and friends, and enjoys outdoor activities such as jogging and walking, as well as movies and music.


Marisol Blanco, Psy.D., LMHC
Licensed Psychologist, Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Blanco obtained her terminal Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University.  She is currently our Outreach Coordinator; a role she fulfills with great pleasure by assisting the CAPS team in making our services more visible and accessible to the student body and rest of FAU's Community. 

Before joining FAU CAPS, Dr. Blanco worked at Anaga Psychotherapy Center under the supervision of the Director and her mentor, Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, Josefina Perez-Castro.  At Anaga, Dr. Blanco provided individual and group therapy to a variety of clients including to those attending the Domestic Violence Program, Substance Abuse Program for Adults/Adolescents, and Sex-0ffenders Program.  She has taught classes in the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Nova Southeastern University and at Miami Dade College-KIDS Program, last of which consists of teaching children appropriate coping skills to deal with their parents' divorce.  Throughout her career development, Dr. Blanco developed strengths in the areas of diversity, grief, and emotional and behavioral functioning.   

At a professional level, Dr. Blanco's interests include Hypnotherapy, Borderline Personality Disorder, Outreach, Creativity, and Anxiety Management.   Outside of work, Dr. Blanco enjoys swimming, painting, writing books for children about dealing with common emotional and behavioral struggles, learning about home design/decor, and spending time with her family, friends, and dogs. 


Gloria A. Stuart, M.Ed., LMHC
Counseling Specialist

Gloria obtained a Master's degree in Counseling Education from Florida Atlantic University, graduating magna cum laude. Before coming to FAU, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Studies from Lynn University, graduating summa cum laude. She began interning at FAU's Counseling and Psychological Services Department in 2007 and enjoyed it so much, she has continued as a staff psychotherapist through the present time.

Gloria enjoys working with undergraduate and graduate students on the diverse range of issues that students are managing while at FAU. She is also dedicated to helping facilitate interdepartmental relationships on campus to help make counseling services for students as accessible as possible. She also serves as the Special Events Coordinator for the Counseling and Psychological Services Department.

Outside of work, Gloria has traveled extensively throughout the world. Her other favorite activities include biking, golf, and downhill skiing. She also enjoys spending time with family, friends and furry critters.


Blaise Amendolace, Psy.D
Licensed Psychologist and Assessment Coordinator

Dr. Amendolace received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida State University where he graduated with Honors in the Major. He earned his Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in clinical psychology from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. He completed an APA-accredited internship at Florida International University’s college counseling center, and a postdoctoral residency at Nova Southeastern University’s Center for Assessment and Intervention. He is an active member of the Florida Psychological Association, the Society of Personality Assessment, and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. He currently serves as the Assessment Coordinator at CAPS, utilizing psychological testing to help answer student’s questions they have about themselves and foster more insight into why we are the way we are.

Dr. Amendolace’s passion is connecting with others on a deeper, more meaningful level and using that connection to foster desired change in one’s life. The students at FAU continue to provide inspiration, joy, and unique perspectives on life which fit well with his professional and personal interests. He attempts to cast a wide net when working with students at FAU, and gladly encourages students with a desire to live a more vital, mindful, and fulfilling life to seek him out at CAPS.

Outside of FAU, Dr. Amendolace is an adjunct faculty member at three universities, is a member of a group psychotherapy practice, and tries to find time to step away from technology, slow things down, and enjoy life as it happens. He is a huge fan of live music, good movies, and great food. As Carl Sagan said, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.”  


Adam Iglesias, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Iglesias  received his undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University Honors College and received his graduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children. He is bilingual (speaks English and Spanish) and in his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, playing drums, and spending time with his family.


Gabriela DePrima, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. DePrima obtained a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the Center for Psychological Studies at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL . Before coming to Florida Atlantic University in 2012, she worked at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Jacksonville, FL for two years as a licensed clinical psychologist providing services to a diverse client population of children, adolescents, families and adults.  She has also completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California Davis in Sacramento, CA and a pre-doctoral internship at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL focused on child and adolescent clinical psychology.     

Dr. DePrima’s current position at FAU Counseling and Psychological Services provides her the opportunity to continue to expand on her prior knowledge with working with a diverse population of individuals and in serving our multi-cultural student body at FAU.  As a South Florida native, Dr. DePrima is well-acquainted with the unique diversity of South Florida and is committed to providing culturally-sensitive and quality clinical services.  

Outside of work Dr. DePrima enjoys her time with family and friends and participating in hobbies such as exercising, watching movies, and reading.


Jon Sperry, Ph.D.
Counseling Specialist

Dr. Jon Sperry completed his Ph.D. and Ed.S. in Counseling at Florida Atlantic University. He is currently licensed in the state of Florida as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In addition, he holds a certificate in Adlerian Psychotherapy and is also a Certified Addictions Professional. His past clinical experiences include working as a substance abuse counselor at Broward House, staff therapist at Lynn University's counseling center, and cancer support group facilitator at Gilda's Club of South Florida. He is currently a staff therapist at the Counseling and Psychological Services, and is also a Visiting Assistant Professor in the department of Counselor Education at Florida Atlantic University. In addition to providing individual and couples counseling, he facilitates therapy groups and supervises and trains practicum students. 

Dr. Sperry’s areas of professional interest include: depression, anxiety, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, personality disorders, chronic medical conditions, substance abuse disorders, and drum therapy. He has coauthored book chapters on psychotherapy, psychological and spiritual well-being, and intimacy and infidelity. Most recently, he coauthored a book on case conceptualization: Sperry, L., & Sperry, J. (2012). Case conceptualization: Mastering this competency with ease and confidence. New York: Routledge. 

Outside of work, Dr. Sperry likes to play drums, travel, and spend time with family and friends. 


Whitney B. Hagen, Ph.D.
Psychology Resident 

Dr. Hagen earned her B.S. in Psychology and Women's Studies as well as her M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Towson University in Towson, Maryland. She obtained her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Before coming to FAU, she worked at university counseling centers, a women's resource center, and a community mental health center focusing on substance abuse assessments and groups.

Her worldview and approach to counseling is integrative with a strong emphasis on social justice, multiculturalism, feminism, and interpersonal processes. Dr. Hagen enjoys working with a variety of client issues, particularly relationship struggles, trauma, body image issues, and the ways that cultural values and messages influence clients' wellness and distress. Her dissertation explored the meaning of social justice activism for sexual minority women and transgender folks. When she is not working, Dr. Hagen enjoys traveling, spending time in nature, painting, watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with friends and loved ones (including her cat, Arlo).


Nikki Saltzburg, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Saltzburg obtained a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling as well as a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami.  Before coming to FAU, she worked as a staff psychologist at the counseling center at California State University Northridge.  Dr. Saltzburg did her internship and postdoctoral training at the counseling center at University of California Irvine.

Dr. Saltzburg continues to very much enjoy working with college and graduate students on a diverse range of issues.  Her specialty areas of clinical focus include mental health in the LGBTQ community, students with disabilities, anxiety and stress management, and sexual health and wellness.  She also enjoys providing outreach to the campus community, as well as contributing to the training program at CAPS.

Outside of work, Dr. Saltzburg usually can be found spending time with her family and friends.  She enjoys outdoor activities like playing wheelchair tennis, swimming, and taking walks while listening to music.  She is also likes to cook and watch movies.


Arlene C. Faranda MS, CS, ARNP  
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner    

Arlene obtained her Master’s degree, clinical specialty: psychiatric/ mental health from Boston University, Boston, Mass. Before coming to CAPS in 2007, she has worked in private practice, inpatient, residential and outpatient mental health programs. Currently, with her colleague psychiatrist Dr. Cesar Benarroche she provides psychiatric evaluation and medication management for clients receiving counseling in the center.


Amber D. Lazarus, Ph.D.
Psychology Resident

Dr. Lazarus obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and completed her post-doctorate training at the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders in Coconut Creek, Florida. Clinical interests include assessment, anxiety and depression, health behavior change, and resiliency factors and adjustment.

As a part-time therapist at CAPS, she makes strides to continually interact with the FAU community and students as much as possible. She is currently pursuing licensure and anticipates completing the requirements during the fall semester.

Outside of work, Dr. Lazarus enjoys remaining active, living a healthy life-style and likes to spend time with her family and friends.


Laura DiPasquale, Ph.D.
Psychology Resident and Eating Disorders Coordinator

Dr. Laura DiPasquale obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Canisius College and her Master's degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Temple University. She holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas, where her research focused on sport psychology and eating disorders in athletes and musicians. Before coming to FAU Laura was an intern at Appalachian State University Counseling & Psychological Services and previously worked at The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders.

Laura enjoys helping students gain a greater understanding of themselves and find new ways to deal with life’s challenges. She is a generalist and works with a wide range of concerns; however she specializes in working with eating disorders, athletes, and trauma. 

Outside of work Laura likes to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys going to the beach and most water activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming.


T. Django Rogers, MS
Clinical Psychology Intern

Django Rogers earned his Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and his Bachelor's degree in Philosophy at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Before coming to FAU, he worked as a Mental Health Counselor in Portland, Oregon, a Wilderness Therapist for at-risk adolescents at Eagle Quest of Nevada, a Music Therapist for teenagers at Inspirations Treatment Center in Ft. Lauderdale, and a Residential Advisor to undergraduates at Nova Southeastern University.  He continues to enjoy working with college students and young adults in a variety of settings, and is currently completing his pre-doctoral training as an intern at FAU.


Kristyn O. Neckles, M.S., M.S. 
Clinical Psychology Intern

Kristyn is a native of Grenada in the Caribbean and is currently a doctoral candidate for a degree in Clinical Psychology at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida.  She holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health from Carlos Albizu University, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Her current research interest is in exploring the influences of culture and spirituality on the behaviors of Caribbean people. She is particularly interested in understanding the role of culture and spirituality in mental health and in depicting the ways in which they might be used to facilitate the provision of effective counseling and psychotherapy.    

Kristyn's approach to therapy is integrative, drawing from interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral therapies together with elements of mindfulness techniques. Particularly, she considers the interconnectedness of ourselves to each other and our environment and the importance of balance in living a healthy life. Her clinical interests, in no particular order, include: Substance misuse, diversity/multicultural issues, learning disorders and ADHD, as well as identity and woman issues. As a new member of the CAPS team, Kristyn is committed to providing the necessary support to clients so that they experience effective change in their lives.

Outside of work Kristyn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, learning about different cultures and traveling, outdoor activities such as hiking and biking and stained glass art.


Nichole Vincent, MS
Practicum Counselor

Nichole Vincent is a doctoral student in clinical psychology. She obtained a M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Before coming to NOVA, she obtained a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Ms. Vincent recently finished a one year rotation at the Family Violence Program at the Psychological Services Center, where she worked with adult victims and batterers in abusive relationships. Her clinical interests are numerous and include: police psychology, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, self-injurious behaviors, hoarding and working with Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) populations.

Ms. Vincent looks forward to working with college and graduate students with the diverse range of issues that students are managing during her rotation at Florida Atlantic University. 

Outside of work and school, Ms. Vincent likes to spend time with her friends and enjoys outdoor activities, such as running 5K's and kayaking, creating jewelry, cooking, movies and music.


Scott Harvey, MS
Practicum Counselor

Scott obtained his bachelors in psychology from Florida State University. Scott previously served as an extern at Camillus Health Concern in Miami, FL where he worked with indigent individuals. He is currently attending Nova Southeastern University where he is seeking a doctorate (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology. His interests include psychotic disorders and working with LGBT adolescents and youth. Outside of school and work Scott enjoys reading, spending time with friends, volunteering, and going to the beach.


Lara Herman, MS
Practicum Counselor

Lara obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. Lara has previously worked at the Counseling Corner, Inc. and the office of John Grbac, Psy.D. while in Orlando. She recently completed a practicum at Henderson Behavioral Health Clinic in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Lara is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. Lara enjoys working with a range of clients and approaches each person with individualized treatment and compassion.

When not in the office, Lara enjoys listening to all types of music, being with friends, taking care of her pets, and going to Disney whenever possible!


Layven Reguero
Practicum Counselor

Layven is completing a CACREP accredited Master of Education degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Florida Atlantic University. In addition to the coursework for the Master's degree, Layven has met the academic requirements set forth by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) for eligibility to sit for the national Rehabilitation Counselor certification (CRC).  He expects to graduate in December, 2013. 

Layven has been very involved in academia. His achievements have been recognized, for example, by the College of Education's Department of Counselor Education (Outstanding Student of the Year 2013), the University (Graduate Assistant of the Year 2013), and through various academic scholarships and fellowships.  Layven has presented at nine professional conferences internationally, nationally, and locally. However, his primary focus is on becoming a highly effective psychotherapist.      

In his personal life, Layven loves anything to do with art or staying physically active. He enjoys relaxing at the beach or at a movie.



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