In the veteran community, male veterans are twice as likely as civilians of either gender to commit suicide

         1000 suicides occur per year among veterans receiving VA care

          5000 suicides occur per year among all living veterans

         Veterans may be at higher risk for suicide

         We need to do more to reduce risk

         Suicides are preventable in most cases

         Operation S.A.V.E. will help you act with care and compassion if you encounter a person who is suicidal.

Signs of suicidal thinking

Ask questions (“Are you thinking of killing yourself.”)

Validate the person’s experience

Encourage treatment and Expedite getting help

Signs and Symptoms: Suicide Provention for Veterans

Threatening to hurt or kill self

Looking for ways to kill self

Seeking access to pills, weapons or other means

Talking or writing about death, dying or suicide


Rage, anger

Seeking revenge

Acting reckless or engaging in risky activities

Feeling trapped

 Increasing drug and/or alcohol abuse

 Withdrawing from friends, family and society

Anxiety, agitation

Dramatic changes in mood

No reason for living, no sense of purpose in life

Difficulty sleeping or sleeping all the time

Giving away possessions

Increase or decrease in spirituality

 Last Modified 3/26/15