Pcard for Travel

Using the Purchasing Card (pCard) for Travel


  • General Information
  • Authorized Expenses
  • Unauthorized Expenses
  • Approval Process
  • Travel Reimbursement Form
  • Audits
  • Card Revocation

General Information:

  • A Travel Authorization Request (TAR), prepared in accordance with established procedures, must be issued and approved prior to travel.
  • NOTE: Although travel is an option on your p-Card, you MUST apply for this privilege by completing the Card Holder Travel Addendum Form and completing a training class.
  • Original receipts for all pCard charges must be provided to the pCard approver within 6 days after occurring the charge. If the traveler is unable to meet the approval deadline, copies of receipts must be faxed, or otherwise provided, to the pCard approver

Authorized Expenses:

The pCard may be used for the following travel expenditures for both national and international travel:
(See individual headings below for detailed descriptions.)

  • Airfare
  • Registration Fees
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Rental Cars
  • Tolls
  • Parking
  • Taxis
  • Emergency Car Repairs
  • Fuel for rental car, university fleet vehicles or department owned/leased vehicles (vehicles not issued to an individual)
* Note: Fuel charges on personal vehicles are not allowable expenditures under any circumstances.  Personal vehicles may only be reimbursed at a mileage rate of .445 cents a mile.


  • An approved TAR must be obtained prior to purchasing an airline ticket.
  • Only coach class airline tickets may be purchased. Florida Atlantic University will not reimburse for a higher class of travel. The traveler will be held responsible for reimbursing the cost difference to the University.
  • The Provost Office has to approve all international travel prior to the purchase of the ticket.
  • Travelers are required to use the most economical means of transportation.
  • Ensure that the dates and destinations of the purchased ticket correspond with the approved TAR.
  • Provide the airfare receipt and the TAR number to the pCard approver within 6 days after purchase of the ticket.
  • Travelers may not combine business and personal trips using the pCard. A personal credit card must be used in this instance. The traveler will be reimbursed for the business portion upon completion of the trip.

Registration Fees:

  • Registration fees may be charged for the card holder as well as for other attendees at the same conference.
  • Provide the pCard approver with the original registration form and a copy of the conference agenda.
  • Additional fees for entertainment or meals are not allowed.

Hotel Rooms:

  • The pCard may only be used for single occupancy rooms .
  • Provide the pCard number to the hotel when making a reservation and upon check-in .
  • Personal expenses may not be charged to the pCard, even if the traveler intends to reimburse the University for those charges upon completion of the trip. Request that the hotel separate the charges and pay for personal expenses at check-out with personal funds.
  • Provide the original hotel bill to the pCard approver.
  • Request the sales tax exemptions for hotels in Florida.
  • Daily hotel room rates exceeding $200/night in Florida require prior Controller’s Office approval.
  • For hotel rentals in Florida, the sales tax must be exempted.

Rental Cars:

  • Avis or Enterprise vehicles, in contract only.
  • Avis contract can be used both in state and out of state.
  • Enterprise contract in state only.

Authorized Expenses:

  • Business related phone calls/internet access/fax services
  • Tolls
  • Parking
  • Taxis--May include tips not exceeding 15% of the taxi fare.
  • Emergency car repairs to FAU-owned vehicles. (FAU vehicles only)

The following expenses are authorized to be paid for by third parties:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Registration Fees
  • Taxis

Please note that the pcard holder must be present when charges are made in order to sign the receipt.  Under no circumstances can the pCard be given to a third party traveler in order to settle the travele'rs charges.

Unauthorized Expenses:

The following general categories may not be purchased with the VISA pCard. In case of grant funds, please check with Contracts & Grants.

  • Business-related airfare combined with personal airfare
  • First class and business class travel
  • Personal items
  • Travel-related expenditures for third parties (excluding airfare, hotel charges, taxi, and registration fees)
  • Personal phone calls
  • Car repair (non emergency)
  • Gasoline for personal vehicle usage.  Personal vehicles may only be reimbursed at the state mileage rate of .445 cents per mile.
  • Movies
  • Meals
  • Alcohol
  • Room service
  • Foreign travel expenditures other than airfare

Please note that the pCard holder must be present when the charges are made in order to sign the receipt. Under no circumstances can the pCard be given to a third party traveler in order to settle that traveler’s charges.

Approval Process:

  • Charges made to the pCard will normally appear in the pCard system 48 hours after the transaction takes place.
  • Traveler should provide all receipts to the pCard approver with sufficient time to meet the approval deadline.
  • pCard approver must approve charges no later than 10 business days after they appear in the pCard system. All exceptions will be documented.
  • Approver must verify the amount on the pCard system with receipts.
  • pCard approver must notify the Associate pCard administrator in the Controller's office if receipts for unauthorized expenditures are submitted by the traveler.
  • pCard approver must retain receipts for 5 years and all reports must be made available to the Payer and/or Associate Purchasing Card Program Administrator (Controller's Office) for audit upon request.

Travel Reimbursement Form:

  • The Travel Reimbursement Form, with original signatures, must be submitted to the Controller's Office within 60 days after the trip has been completed. Reimbursement requests not submitted within 60 days will be subject to income tax withholdings.
  • All travel-related pCard purchases must be listed on the back of the Travel Reimbursement Form in the "State of Florida Purchasing Card Charges" section, not on the front of the Reimbursement Form. If using electronic reimbursement form, please ensure that you list the pcard charges.
  • Copies of the receipts must be attached.


  • Travel expenditures charged to the pCard are subject to audits by the Controller’s office and Inspector General’s Office. Failure to provide receipts and appropriate documentation upon request will result in the termination of the pCard privilege and possible disciplinary action.
  • Travelers will be personally liable for unauthorized charges discovered during an audit. This will also result in termination of the pCard privilege and possible disciplinary action.

Card Revocation:

Use of the pCard for travel is a great convenience. Travelers are no longer required to pay for most travel expenditures with personal funds and wait for reimbursement.

The procedures and deadlines described in this document have been developed to comply with rules of Florida Atlantic University’s Card Program. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in the revocation of the card holder's privileges.

 Last Modified 8/21/15