Tuition and Billing Services

Financial Aid FAQ's

  1.  Why am I getting a statement when I have financial aid that covers all my charges?
    Every student is sent a monthly bill for tuition, fees and other charges to your FAU’s email address. This statement reflects all payments received through the statement date. If you are certain you have financial aid that exceeds your tuition and fees plus any other amounts due to the university, you can disregard the bill.

  2. My financial aid is more than my tuition, fees and other charges. How will I get back what the university owes me?
    If you have a direct deposit set up, then the excess will be sent to you via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) once the financial aid funds are disbursed. If you do not have a direct deposit set up, then a check will be mailed to your local address on file with FAU. Please read the Check and Direct Deposit Refund section.

  3. Question: I only received a portion of my expected refund from financial aid by EFT or check. Why isn't it all there?
    Some programs release funds later than others. If you only received a portion of your funds, be patient. For exact dates of payments, please refer to MyFau at

  4. Question: I have accepted a Stafford Loan on my Financial Aid Award Letter, but it doesn't show up on my billing statement. Why isn't it there?
    If your Stafford Loan is not on your billing statement, please check your Award information on the Financial Aid section of MyFau. It is not unusual that, due to processing, your estimated Stafford Loan funds may have been removed from the statement until the actual disbursement is made.

 Last Modified 8/21/15