Tuition and Billing Services

Financial Aid Disbursements & the Office of Student Financial Aid

Due to separation of powers, Florida Atlantic University has two offices that deal with financial aid (including Bright Futures, loans, grants, scholarships, etc.)  The Office of Student Financial Aid will determine a student’s eligibility and award the student accordingly.  Our office, tuition and billing services within the Office of Student Accounts, deals only with disbursing of these funds once they have been released by the Office of Student Financial Aid.  At that time, checks will be cut and an ACH wire will be authorized for our direct deposit recipients.  Generally, financial aid will be disbursed within the first three weeks of the semester after the week of drop and add.  Reminder:  All debts owed to the University must be paid first, and any financial aid monies over and above these expenses will either be direct deposited or mailed to the student in a form of a check, whichever is applicable.

Tuition Deadlines and Financial Aid Deferments

Financial aid deferments is a method of extending the tuition payment deadline until the financial aid arrives or the deferment expires.  In order to receive a deferment, you must have submitted all required documents most importantly the signed-award-letter by the last day to pay.  Financial aid students whose aid does not cover all tuition and fees must settle their bill by the tuition payment deadline or late fees may be assessed against your student account.  Students who have not met the required award letter deadline must pay their fees by the last day to pay.

 Last Modified 8/21/15