Tuition and Billing Services

Direct Deposit of Financial Aid Proceeds

In the past year, the Department of Education (DOE) has strongly enforced the return of financial aid proceeds stemming from stale dated checks.  If your financial aid checks remains uncashed for a specified period of time, this money will be returned to DOE or to your lender whichever is applicable.  You, as a student, will have no recourse.  If the money is returned, you will have lost all rights to those funds.

Here at FAU, we understand that our students have busy lives juggling school, work and play and running to a financial institution may be a burden.  Therefore, we encourage all financial aid students to sign up for direct deposit.  It’s easy!  The on-line form can be found by visiting, click on the CURRENT STUDENTS tab, select the MyFAU link and then, follow the instructions to sign into MyFAU.  Once you’re in MyFAU select the STUDENTS tab and the direct deposit form is located under the Money Matters Channel.

We know how hard you have worked for this money and FAU wants you to retain your entitlement.  Plus, you can direct deposit your financial aid proceeds to the financial institution of your choice.

 Last Modified 8/21/15