Tuition and Billing Services

Student’s Fiscal Responsibility

Students at Florida Atlantic University are expected to take responsibility for being aware of payment deadlines and policies, financial aid distribution policies, and debts owed.  Account information is available on-line via MyFAU.  Additionally, students become responsible for tuition upon registration for classes. 

Consequences for Non-Payment

Fiscal Cancellation

Failure to set up a payment plan, pay tuition and fees in full or be deferred by the end of the designated fee payment deadlines for each semester will result in cancellation of the student’s registration (i.e., the courses selected by the student).  Students will be notified using their FAU e-mail account concerning outstanding tuition deficiencies and given an opportunity to pay tuition and fees prior to cancellation. Students whose schedules are cancelled for non-payment of tuition and fees will have their academic progress discontinued for the term in question and will not be able to attend class or receive grades.

Students whose registrations are cancelled for non-payment of tuition and fees may appeal to the Registrar’s Office for reinstatement and continuation of academic progress for the term.  A written appeal must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  Note:  Reinstatement requires full payment of all tuition and fees immediately, plus a $100 late payment and a $100 late registration fee. 

The University reserves the right to deny reinstatement when a demonstrated pattern of tuition deficiencies over two or more semesters has occurred.

Registration & Transcript Holds

Students who have an outstanding balance will receive holds which may prevent future registration and access to academic transcripts.  These holds will not be removed until such debt is paid in full.  Payments are applied to a student’s account based on the oldest debt first.

Delinquent Accounts/Collections

According to Florida Statutes 1010.03, each University is directed to exert every effort to collect all delinquent accounts, including the utilization of a collection agency, restricting the release of transcripts, diplomas and other University services.  Therefore, any student account, with a balance more than 90 days past due, is deemed eligible to be sent to collections.  Once a student account is placed with a collection agency the account will be assessed significant collection fees up to 33.33% percent of the original balance as well as all any other fees associated with collecting the debt.

 Last Modified 11/8/16