Tuition and Billing Services

Consequences for Non-Payment

Unless prior arrangements have been made, failure to pay all tuition and fees by the end of the designated fee payment deadlines for each semester will result in cancellation of the student’s registration (i.e., the courses selected by the student).  Students will be notified during the Fall and Spring semesters using their FAU e-mail account concerning outstanding tuition deficiencies and given an opportunity to pay tuition and fees or make arrangements for tuition and fee payment with the Office of Student Accounts prior to cancellation.  Students will not be notified during the Summer semester due to time constraints.  Students whose schedules are cancelled for non-payment of tuition and fees will have their academic progress discontinued for the term in question and will not be able to attend class or receive grades.

Students whose registrations are cancelled for non-payment of tuition and fees may appeal to the Registrar’s Office for reinstatement and continuation of academic progress for the term.  A written appeal must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  Note:  Reinstatement requires full payment of all tuition and fees immediately, plus a $100 late payment and a $100 late registration fee. 

The University reserves the right to deny reinstatement when a demonstrated pattern of tuition deficiencies over two or more semesters has occurred.

Important information to Financial Aid students and Florida Prepaid students:

Financial Aid and Florida Prepaid students must completely withdraw during the drop and add period of each semester to avoid fiscal responsibility.  (Cancellation of student’s registration will not apply).

 Last Modified 8/21/15