Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Deposit

1. Direct Deposit - All Florida Atlantic University employees are required to have direct deposit. 

2. How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

  • Complete the Direct Deposit Form in its entirety and bring it or send it to the Payroll Department
  • For checking accounts: please attach a Voided check to the form
  • For saving accounts: please attach documentation from your bank which states the bank routing number and bank account number
  • Please allow one to two bi-weeklies for the direct deposit form to be processed
  • **Note** deposit slips will not be accepted for verification of bank information

3. How will I know if I have Direct Deposit?

  • You may log in to MyFAU and view your paycheck information

4. How will I get the email notification?

  • Every bi-weekly, an email will be sent to your FAU email address with a password protected attachment
  • In order to open the attached file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer
  • The Payroll Department will distribute the email notifications on the Thursday before pay day

5. What password do I use to open the email? Can I change it?

  • The password to open the file is the first four characters of your last name plus the last four digits of your social security number
  • Please note that the password is case sensitive, and that only the first character is in caps. Everything else is lower case
    • If your last name is Smith, and your social security number is 123-45-6789, than your password would be Smit6789. The password is extracted from set tables located in the Banner system and therefore the formatting of the password cannot be changed

6. If my last name has less than four characters, what do I use as a password?

  • If your last name has less than four letters, use your full name, followed by X’s (in caps) to come up with the four characters plus the last four digits of your social security number
    • For example, if your last name is Li and your social security number is 123-45-6789, your password is LiXX6789 

7. Can I change the email address that the email is sent to?

  • All notifications will be sent to the employee’s FAU email account
  • If you do not have an FAU account you should work with your department to get an address set up through the Computer Help Desk (561-297-3999)

8.  I did not receive my email notification.  What do I do?

  • First log into MyFAU to see if you were paid and also to verify that you were paid via direct deposit.  If you were paid via direct deposit, you may call the help desk at (561) 297-3999 for assistance with your email
  • You may also log into MyFAU to retrieve your email if your default email is Microsoft Outlook

9.  I accidentally deleted my email.  Can you resend the email?

  • We cannot resend email notifications.  You may log into MyFAU to view payroll information
  • You may also log into MyFAU if it was deleted in Microsoft Outlook and retrieve the email

10.  I am an adjunct faculty and I do not have an FAU address. How will I get the notification?

  • Adjunct faculty should follow the guidelines stated in question # 7 above

11.  I prefer to get a hard copy rather than the email. How can I change this?

  • All employees on direct deposit will receive their pay stub via email as an attached file which you may print

W-2s and Employee Payroll Information Statement

1.  When will I receive my W-2?

  • All hard copy W-2’s will be distributed or mailed by the employee’s appropriate department by January 31
  • If the employee has given consent to receive the W-2 electronically, an email notification will be distributed prior to January 31 stating that the electronic version is available

2. What are 125 or 132 or Fringe found in Box 14 of my W-2?

  • 125: Health Insurance
  • 132: Parking Fees
  • 414(h) Mandatory 3% Retirement Contribution
  • Fringe Benefits: taxable payments paid to you through Accounts Payable Department or the FAU Foundation

3. Why are the EPIS and the W-2 wages different?

  • EPIS shows reconciliation from your gross wages to your Federal taxable wages
  • Both are listed on the EPIS
  • Your W-2 will only shows your Federal taxable wages
  • Please remember that EPIS statement is not an IRS form and should not be filed with the IRS

4. What is “filing status”?

  • Filing status refers to the status that you filled out on your form W-4

Paycheck Distribution

In the event that direct deposit information is not submitted in time to the Payroll Department or a pre-note is required, the employee’s paycheck will be mailed to the address on file in Human Resources.

Direct deposit form must be submitted within two pay periods of employment.
Florida Atlantic University requires all employees to have direct deposit. 

Payroll Schedule

1. How many pay periods are there in a year?

  • There are 26 pay periods per year. You may refer to the Payroll Schedule to view our pay dates


 Last Modified 8/21/15