Awards and Incentives for Engaged Faculty

The Community Engagement Task Force is pleased to announce a variety of awards and incentives designed to enhance and expand the awareness and practice of community-engaged activities by faculty at FAU.  Two new opportunities for engaged faculty include: 

Presidential Awards for Outstanding Faculty-Led Community Engagement in Teaching, Research/ Scholarship, and Service

    • Summary of Program: Awards presented to three faculty members identified for engagement achievements in one of FAU’s three mission areas.
    • Selection Process: 
      • Nomination/application
      • College Liaison Committee review
      • UFS Awards Committee review (recommends to Provost)
    • Amount: $2,000 + $1,500 in Professional Development support 
    • Notes: Presented annually at Honors Convocation

College Engagement Liaison

    • Summary of Program: One faculty member per college will be selected to serve as that college’s liaison to the community, build engagement activities, support engaged students, faculty/staff, and collect and report CE data.
    • Selection Process: 
      • Application Packet
      • Review/Support of the Dean
      • Review by Chair, CE
    • Amount: $1,500 per semester (Fall, Spring) per faculty per college (9) 
    • Notes: 
      • The stipend awarded to faculty to use as desired.
      • Faculty selected in Spring for following the academic year.


 Last Modified 5/30/19