Short History

Engaged learning, research, and service are the hallmarks of all great universities that strive to better the communities that surround them – be they local, national or global. This engagement seeds the dynamic exchange of ideas between the institution and its stakeholders and spawns relationships that result in positive change far greater than each could achieve standing alone.

Throughout its relatively short history and to the present day, Florida Atlantic University consistently demonstrates deep commitment to its local, regional and global communities through innovative research, excellent educational programs and services, collaborative public and private partnerships, and engaged civic service and outreach. The university is committed to becoming a force for positive change in its various communities through its leadership and by leveraging its knowledge, expertise, and resources along with those of the community in authentic engagement for mutual benefit.

In May 2015, President Kelly established the Community Engagement Executive Leadership Team comprised of FAU and community leaders.  In July 2015, he established the Community Engagement Task Force (CETF), which was comprised of six volunteer working groups with over 60 faculty, administrative staff, alumni and students in support of the Leadership Team. Since then, the Task Force has evolved into the Office of Community Engagement.  

The main role of our office is to reinforce the expansion, enhancement and development of engaged teaching, research/scholarship, and service at FAU. We accomplish this by serving as a resource to assist faculty, staff, and students in developing, expanding, and/or participating in community engaged activities, programs, and partnerships. We focus on establishing a culture that values and rewards sustained community commitment and involvement.

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 Last Modified 5/25/18