Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Chart of Accounts?

    The Chart of Accounts (COA) is an organized and coded listing of all the individual accounts that are used to record transactions and make up the ledger system. The COA is a critical element of the public financial management system framework for classifying, recording and reporting information on financial plans, transactions and events in a systematic and consistent way.

  • What is the need for this change?

    Organizations were originally established by the campus location, and reports do not cleanly roll up to a hierarchical level. Multiple reports and calculations must be applied to obtain necessary reporting information which is very labor intensive and time consuming. Therefore, this change is being implemented to increase efficiency in Banner reporting, work flows and systems and establish consistency among departments across the University.

  • What is the Deadline?

    Full implementation will occur on July 1, 2014, but there will be a preliminary version available in time for the budget construction cycle in March 2014.

  • How will this affect me?

    All employees will be affected by these changes by different degrees. Employees who have financial, human resources, grants, or reporting responsibilities will need to stay up-to-date with the decisions being made and provide input as the project evolves. This website is designed to be the vehicle which distributes information and collects any questions or comments you will have. The meeting schedule will be posted and you are welcomed to attend to have your concerns heard.

  • Will historical information be revised?

    Only information beginning in FY 2015 will have the new coding. Historical information will not be converted to the new chart of accounts. Historical data will be available and accessed by using the Chart of Accounts Code = 1; the post change information will be available using the Chart of Accounts Code = TBD. The information from each report will need to be added together to obtain LTD information.

  • Will there be a crosswalk available?

    Yes. There will be a crosswalk developed that will link the current FOPAL codes with the new FOPAL codes where applicable.

  • Who are the Committee Members?

    Chart of Accounts Chairpersons:

    Jason Ball, Associate VP and CIO

    Stacey Semmel, Assistant VP for Financial Affairs and University Controller

    Chart of Accounts Steering Committee:

    Sharon Brown
    Deb Brooks
    Gerard Clinton
    John Covell
    Kathleen Dimaggio
    Richard Lee
    Ilene Mates
    Anthony Montero
    Greg Morgan
    Rochelle Prince
    Jie Shi
    James Wilkie
    Pamela Wood

    Finance Subcommittee Members:

    Milena Alban - Budget
    Jason Ball - OIT *
    Nary Baran - OIT
    Amy Cavasos - Finance
    Pat Espada - OIT
    Denise Campbell - Finance
    Teresa Clark - Budget
    Jessica Cohen - Finance
    Mary Coscia-Waggoner - Budget
    John Covell - OIT*
    Barbara Kenney - OIT
    Bonnie Li - OIT
    Adam Matheson - Finance
    Rochelle Prince - Finance*
    Kay Recktenwald - OIT
    Stacey Semmel  - Finance*
    Jie Shi - Budget*

    Human Resources Subcommittee

    James Acton - HR
    Jason Ball - OIT*
    Deb Brooks - HR*
    Nary Baran - OIT
    Amy Cavasos - Finance
    John Covell - OIT*
    Pat Espada - OIT
    Thomas Falloretta - HR

    Robin Kabat - HR
    Barbara Kenney - OIT
    Bonnie Li - OIT

    Marie Mascaro - HR
    Eodia Michel - HR
    Rosa Naujoks - Finance
    Kay Recktenwald - OIT
    Stacey Semmel - Finance*
    Christine Smith - HR
    Shari Wiley - HR

  •   *Indicates Steering Committee Member

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