Classical Studies


Classical Studies Certificate Committee (D.F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters)

Boyd Breslow, Associate Professor of History (breslow@fau.edu)
Clifford Brown, Associate Professor of Anthropology (ctbrown@fau.edu)
Carol Gould, Professor of Philosophy, (cgould@fau.edu)
Brian E. McConnell, Associate Professor of Art History and Classical Archaeology, Director of the Classical Studies Certificate, and Interim Chair Department of Visual Arts & Art History (mcconnel@fau.edu) Marcella Munson, Associate Professor of French (mmunson@fau.edu)  William Trapani, Assistant Professor of Communications (wtrapan1@fau.edu)

Related Faculty

D.F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters
Tom Atklins, Professor of Theater (tatkins@fau.edu) John Leeds, Assistant Professor of English (jleeds@fau.edu)
Benno Lowe, Associate Professor of History (bplowe@fau.edu)
Noemi Marin, Professor and Director of the School of Communications and Multimedia Studies (nmarin@fau.edu)

H. Wilkes Honors College
Jeffrey Buller, Dean of the H.Wilkes Honors College (jbuller@fau.edu)
Miguel Vazquez, Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Literature (mvazquez@fau.edu)
Dan White, Professor of Philosophy (dwhite@fau.edu)
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