Which Learning Community is right for you?

Music majors, Architecture majors, Navitas Students, Honors College, and University Honors Program students and students with prior credit for a student success course are not eligible to join the Learning Community program Students majoring in Engineering & Computer Science can only apply to the Engineering LC.
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Arts and Letters LC
For students who are majoring in a variety of liberal arts areas including: Anthropology, Arts & Humanities, Communication, English, History, Languages  & Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.
Business LC  
For students interested in or majoring in FAU’s College of Business.
Direct Admit Nursing LC
The Nursing FLC & LLC programs are ONLY open to students who have been directly admitted to the College of Nursing’s 4-year plan of study in the BSN program. 
For more information visit: Direct-Admit Nursing Program.
Social Justice  LC  
For students majoring in Criminal Justice , Public Safety or Social Work.

The Urban Male Initiative 
The Urban Male Initiative Learning community focuses on creating a sense of community and developing identity among our urban men, primarily minority men on campus. We will focus on the potential challenges that may arise during your collegiate experience, both in and outside of the classroom, and discuss and develop strategies for your academic and social success. Preference to the UMI Learning Community will be given to participants in the UMI program. Visit for more information.