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Success Workshops on Demand! 

Learn tips on how to be successful on your own time!


Click here to view the video of FAU's 2009 Distinguished Teacher of the Year, Dr. Eric Chiang, giving his top 10 myths and tips about being successful at FAU.


Time Management

Workshop:    Offered by:
Managing Your Time     Dartmouth


 Do you want to figure out what you need to do to get the grade you want in each class? 
  Check out this link! It's a grade claculator and it can REALLY help you get an idea of where you stand!  

  • Do you want to see the reality of your FAU academics? 

  • Learn some tips to figure out where you are academically at mid-semester or anytime– and increase your chances of success!

**Before you start grab all your current syllabi, your grades so far, and a calculator!**






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