Our Faculty and Staff Volunteers are the heart of our LLC Program!

Each LLC has a dedicated group of Faculty and Staff members that plan and facilitate all of the community building activities for the LLC!

Dr. Tobin Hindle, Assistant Scholar and Research Professor - GeoSciences
Shannon Clounts, Director - Space Utilization & Analysis
Jill Rosen, Assistant Director - Space Utilization & Analysis

Angel Nevin, Coordinator - Center for Learning And Student Success
Lyn Lavigne, Assistant University Librarian

Brian Montalvo, Assistant Director - Career Development Center
Daniela Higgins, Coordinator - Freshman Academic Advising
Dr. Jennifer Bebergal, Director - Center for Learning And Student Success
Abdula Newman, Coordinator - Freshman Academic Advising
Carole Pfeffer, Cooridnator - Center for Learning And Student Success

Global Connections
Tania Tucker, Coordinator - International Programs
Dr. Michael Horswell, Chair and Associate Professor - Language & Linguistics

Dr. William Horstman, Associate Director - University Center
Eric Hawkes, Director - Campus Recreation
Alicia Keating, Interim Director - Student Activities

Dr. Allen Smith, Associate Professor - Marketing, College of Business

Engineering & Computer Science
Brenda Simmons, Director - Academic Programs, College of Engineering & Computer Science
Manjula Neelakantswamy, Associate Director - Freshman Academic Advising Services (Engineering and Computer Science)

Terry Eggenberger, Instructor - Nursing

Dr. Ingrid Johanson, Associate Dean and Associate Professor - Psychology
Latarsha Morgan, Coordinator - Student Support Services, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Shari Goldstein, Assistant Director - Student Support Services, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

 Dr. Patricia Keating, Assistant Research Professor - Biological Sciences

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