Council for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Friday, October 27, 2006, 12:15pm
President's Conference Room, ADM 340

1.  Approval of September 15, 2006 Meeting Minutes
All Council members were present.  The minutes of the September 15, 2006 meeting of the Council were unanimously approved as distributed.

2.  Review of Meeting Dates and Times
The advanced schedule of meeting dates, December 1, 2006 and January 19, 2007, was approved.  The meetings will be held at the usual time and place, 12:15 p.m. in the President’s Conference Room.  Lunch will be served.

3.  Purpose Statement for Web Site and Meeting Announcements
A single sentence statement of purpose for the Council was approved for use in meeting announcements and on the CEUE web site now under development (see below).  The statement is as follows: “The purpose of the Council for Excellence in Undergraduate Education is to achieve and maintain excellence in the undergraduate educational experience at FAU by directing a university-wide effort to provide programs and services that promote student success.”

4.  CEUE Web Page Development
The CEUE web page is being developed.  Diane Aragon, administrative assistant in Undergraduate Studies, is working with Creative Services to get it set up.  It is anticipated that the starting content will be a list of the CEUE members, the above purpose statement, announcements of meetings, meeting agendas and minutes.  Links to the CEUE page from the president’s and provost’s pages will be set up.  The URL will be  The provost suggested that it be accessible from the Current Students icon on the FAU home page.  All agreed.

5.  Progress on CTESS
Dr. Lombardo announced that the start up of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Student Success (CTESS) is proceeding on four fronts.  With regard to teaching excellence, a committee is being formed to conduct an internal search for an interim director (0.5 FTE).  An office staff position will be filled when the interim director is on board.  Office space is being identified.  With regard to student success, two new coordinator positions are being filled in Freshman Academic Advising Services and in Student Retention.

6.  Report on October 25, 2006 Meeting of the Core Curriculum Task Force
Dr. Lombardo handed out copies of the charge to the Core Curriculum Task Force (CCTF) from the CEUE.  He also handed out copies of the minutes of the October 25, 2006 meeting of the CCTF.  He will be presenting three proposals contained therein to the University Undergraduate Programs Committee on November 3, 2007 for their approval: (1) a title for the core curriculum to be added to the catalog (Intellectual Foundations Program – FAU’s Core Curriculum); (2) a short narrative describing the purpose of the core curriculum to be added to the catalog; and (3) a requirement that “the syllabus of each course in the core curriculum include a concise explanation of how the course contributes to fulfilling the purpose of the core.”  A lengthy discussion on approaches to improving the core curriculum ensued including the possibility of adding a service learning component in the future.

7.  Other business
Consideration will be given at the next Council meeting to the formation of subcommittees to address specific issues in undergraduate education.  These include a mission statement for the lower division and faculty incentives for active participation in the initiative to enhance the undergraduate experience at FAU.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.

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