Council for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Friday, January 19, 2007, 12:15pm
President's Conference room, ADM 340

1.  Approval of December 1, 2006 Meeting Minutes
The minutes of the December 1, 2006 CEUE meeting were approved as distributed.

2.  Council Operations
Due to his impending retirement (March 1, 2007), this is Dr. Lombardo’s last meeting as chair of the CEUE.  It is anticipated that his replacement will be the new, yet to be hired, dean of undergraduate studies.  In the interim, Dr. Sandy Norman agreed to convene the next meeting scheduled for Friday, March 23, 2007 – same time, same place and lunch served, thanks to Sandy, as usual.  Possible dates for a final 2006-07 AY meeting are May 18 or 25.

3.  Report on December 1, 2006 Undergraduate Programs Committee Meeting
Dr. Lombardo made a presentation to the University Undergraduate Programs Committee on December 1, 2006 on the establishment of a freshman reading program at FAU (all incoming freshman read the same book before arriving on campus) as a first step in securing program approval from the faculty governance process.  This proposal has already been approved by the Council for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, the Core Curriculum Task Force and the Provost’s Advisory Council.  It was presented to the UUPC as an information item with a request that the members obtain input from their respective colleges on the reading itself, and suggestions for a follow-up assignment. Further discussion, and a UUPC recommendation, will be on the agenda of the February 2, 2007 UUPC meeting which Dr. Lombardo will attend. 

CEUE members expressed an interest in receiving some information on freshman reading programs at other institutions.  Dr. Lombardo offered that he would forward to them a concise article from Peer Review (summer 2006), the quarterly publication of the American Association of Colleges & Universities.  (NOTE ADDED: Article was sent to members on Tuesday, January 23, 2007).

4.  Core Curriculum Task Force Progress Report
a. Draft proposal for revision of core curriculum was discussed and some changes were recommended.  The revised draft is in the minutes of the CCTF December12, 2006 meeting which were distributed to the CEUE.  This remains a work in progress.

b. Linking learning communities to the core curriculum and disciplines was discussed in the context of the engineering curriculum proposal presented by dean Karl Stevens (same presentation he made to the CEUE).  It was suggested that a linked course pilot program be developed for engineering by next fall in which perhaps a core writing course geared toward engineers be offered within the engineering learning community.  Using linked courses in this way can serve as a model for other disciplines and be an approach to core curriculum revision that does not require major changes in its basic make up. 

The CEUE agreed that this idea is worth pursuing.  Interim Dean Norman and Dean Stevens will identify appropriate individuals in their respective colleges to work together on this.  Dr. Lombardo proposed that CTESS funds could be used to compensate departments and colleges which engage in linked course delivery through faculty released time and/or assignments to small sections.

5.  CTESS Progress Report
Searches for 2 additional counselors for Freshman Advising and Student Retention are in full swing as is a new search for a support staff person to be assigned to Student Retention.  The Student Retention office has been relocated to the former study lounge within the University Center.

6.  Mission/Benchmarks for First Year Success
Dr. Lombardo offered to organize at least 2 focus groups to obtain input on an effort to define a “successful first year.”  One group will be made up of, or contain significant representation by, students.  Freshman advising, retention personnel, faculty and others should also be involved.

The new chair of the Board of Trustees, Norman Tripp, has appointed a “working group” on core curriculum.  Its duties and responsibilities are not yet defined.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

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