Council for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Council for Excellence in Undergraduate Education
December 11, 2007, 12:15pm
BOT room, ADM 305

In attendance: Ed Pratt (chair), Charles Brown, Sandy Norman, John Pritchett, Maria Petrie for Karl Stevens, Gary Perry

Approval of November 13, 2007 meeting minutes
The minutes were approved as distributed.

SI program for Spring 2008
Ed stated that the SI program will be broadened in the Spring semester to include not only Math for Liberal Arts but also College Algebra, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Psychology.  He distributed a handout prepared by Jennifer Bebergal showing the maximum enrollment anticipated in the SI courses for the Spring 2008 semester and the number of SI leaders needed.  There are 8 SI leaders this semester and 27 needed for spring.  There are two new spaces for the SI sessions: the math lab and the Hillel center.  Jennifer will provide Ed with new data on the success of SI for Fall 2007.  Ed said that it takes a while for the SI program to get off the ground and that sometimes there are more students in one SI session than others.  He stated that maybe it should be mandatory.  Maria would like to talk to Ed about her idea for a SI program in Engineering.  She would like to institute a “no grade” (NG) in Calculus for Engineers who attend SI but fail the class.  She said as soon as the student is admitted they would take a placement test.  Gary thinks the NG will affect the student's credit hours and Ed said he would find out.  Ed would also like a decision made early next year about having a math placement test.  He knows that there will be a number of questions, such as where to test and the cost.  His ideal would be for students to take the exam at the end of spring semester of high school from their home computers.

Core Curriculum Committee Progress Report
Ed remarked that the Core Curriculum Committee (CCC) has been meeting, and they are close to completion with the core revision proposal.  He hopes to be finished by Thursday, so that he can send it out to faculty next week.  Ed will announce to faculty that this is only a draft.  He will be meeting with them to hear their suggestions.  The CCC will also be meeting with the college faculties in January.   We are hoping to have the new curriculum approved in the spring.  There will be an approval process for each new course. 

Ed stated that Lifelong Learning and Student Government contributed $25,000 and $35,000, respectively, to the SI program.  Ed is working with Jeff Schilit and Charles Brown to implement an "askFAU" link (recently renamed “asktheOWL”) under Current Students on the FAU homepage.  He would like to see a list of commonly asked questions.  If students can not find an answer, they could send an email; however, Ed wants to make sure that there is a timely response.  The Freshman Reading Committee made a selection of 3 books; Nickel and Dimed, Into the Wild, and The Kite Runner.

New Business
Gary asked where we were with the Teaching Learning Center and where is it going to be located.  Ed said that the last he heard was that it was going to be in General Classrooms South.  Sandy said the Communications Department was moving out; she will talk with Susan to see if any rooms in GS will be ready for the TLC.

During the meeting, we enjoyed a fine lunch provided by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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