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The QM program assists faculty in preparing to submit an eLearning course for QM review. It is a 4-week program delivered fully online with consultations and optional open labs. The program leads to the course receiving QM national recognition for course design. The resulting eLearning course will be submitted to QM for review. If revisions are needed for QM recognition, the participant will revise the course accordingly.

The candidate’s college dean, department chair/program director, the Assistant Provost of eLearning, and the candidate must sign proposals for the program. Any changes in the proposal must be resubmitted for approval. Updates on the participant’s progress will be sent to the department chair/program director periodically throughout the semester. Though any instructional staff can participate in the program, full-time instructional staff members have the option to receive an incentive. Upon QM recognition of the course, the participant receives a stipend.


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