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Instructional Design ConsultationThe eDesign Consultation Program supports participants interested in working with an instructional designer (ID) to develop a course. This service is a contractual agreement between the participant and an ID to develop an eLearning course within one semester. The participant will serve as the subject matter expert. Full-time faculty members who receive a stipend for their participation in this program will have the developed course reviewed. For participants who do not receive a stipend, the academic department in which the course is housed may request a review. If reviewed, the participant will assist the ID in revising the course accordingly to obtain final approval.

The program has three options:

  1. Course drop-off - The participant provides all the instructional material including lecture notes as audio or video recordings or written out in a Word document so the ID can design the course. There is no incentive for participating in this option. The developed course will be owned by FAU.
  2. Co-design - The participant is interested in co-designing a course and is willing to commit to meetings with an ID each week while the course is being developed. The developed course will be owned by FAU. Though any instructional staff can participate in this option, only full-time instructional staff members are eligible for the incentives. The incentives are:
    • $2,000 stipend when the course is developed, peer approved, and taught, and
    • funding of an adjunct using the current departmental adjunct rate to be provided for one course during the semester the participant is in the program, or the equivalent will be paid as a stipend to the participant.

 Proposals will be reviewed and priority given to:

  • high demand courses with consistent enrollment demand over the last three years including summers,
  • courses deemed strategic in planning eLearning degree programs,
  • courses that will lead to a degree program being fully obtainable at a specific campus,
  • courses that are part of an existing eLearning plan within your college/department, and
  • date/time of completed application.


Proposals for the program must be signed by the candidate’s college dean, department chair/program director, and the candidate. The proposal must be approved by the Director of eLearning. Any changes in the proposal must be resubmitted for approval. Updates on the course development process will be sent to the department chair/program director periodically throughout the semester.


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