Incomplete Grading Policy

A student who registers for a course but fails to complete the course requirements, without dropping the course, will normally receive a grade of “F” from the course instructor. A student who is passing a course but has not completed all the required work because of exceptional circumstances may, with the approval of the instructor, temporarily receive a grade of “I” (Incomplete). The grade of “I” is not used in computing a student’s grade point average. The grade of “I” should not be used to avoid a failing grade. It should only be used in cases when the student is passing the course, but for some extraordinary circumstance beyond the student’s control (s)he cannot finish the course requirements on time. The “I” merely indicates a temporary deferral of the final grade and it must be changed to a grade other than “I” within a specified time frame. The time frame may not to exceed one calendar year from the end of the semester during which the course was taken.

At the time the instructor agrees to give the student a grade of “I”, the instructor should also specify: 1) which assignments must still be completed, 2) the time period the student will be given to complete the course assignments (not to exceed one year from the final day of the semester in which the course was taken), and 3) what the default grade will be if all of the assignments are not completed on time. There must be explicit notice to the student. The student should be advised that if the work is not submitted by the due date, the grade will be automatically changed to the default grade which may be a grade of “F”.

When the instructor submits the final grades for the course in which a student was given an Incomplete, the Banner system will automatically open a window on the grade roster when the “I” is entered next to a student’s name. The system will prompt the instructor for the required information of assignments, due date, and default grade. The system will not allow an “I” to be entered if this information is not provided.

Students and Faculty must bear in mind that the student cannot graduate with a grade of incomplete (“I”) on their FAU record. Before certification for graduation, every incomplete designation must be resolved at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Possible ways to resolve “I” grades are:

  1. The student can complete the work required in the agreement with the instructor for the “I” grade (noted on the Report of Incomplete form).
  2. The student may request that the default grade recommended by the instructor on the faculty Report of Incomplete form be immediately recorded. With approval of either the instructor or department chair, a grade of “F” may be recorded if the instructor did not submit the required documentation with the “I” grade.
  3. The student may petition to withdraw from the course, if exceptional circumstances show merit.

The “I” grade is used only when a student has not completed some portion of the work assigned to all students as a regular part of the course. It is not to be used to allow students to do extra work subsequently in order to raise the grade earned during the regular term. The instructor is required to record on the appropriate form, and file with the Registrar, the work that must be completed for a final grade, the time frame for completion, and the grade that will be assigned if the work is not completed. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor for the timely completion of this work.

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Approved by CDSI Faculty 16 April 2010

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