Career Fair

The career fair is an opportunity for all FAU students and alumni to network with employer representatives from various companies and organizations and explore job opportunities. The employer representatives are available to:

  • Share information about specific careers
  • Answer career-related questions
  • Provide you with information about employment opportunities
  • Promote their On-Campus Interview (OCI) date

*If a company indicates a desire to interview you on campus, please note that you must be registered on OWL CareerLink (Student Login/Alumni Login) through the Career Development Center prior to interviewing.

Benefits of attending Career Fair include:

  • Be a possible candidate for full/part-time job, internship, or Co-op
  • Get valuable information from employers about their companies
  • Network!!! Network!!! Network!!
  • Increase your comfort level with meeting employers
  • Learn about companies and organizations that hire your major/degree

What You Need to Succeed

Getting ready for a career fair is much more than picking out a nice suit and polishing your resume. Use the following information as a guide to career fair success.



  1. Register and upload your resume on OWL CareerLink (Student Login/Alumni Login).

  2. Research Companies: Use OWL CareerLink (Student Login/Alumni Login) to access a list of participating companies. Select "Career Events" from the menu bar from which you can view the list of companies.

  3. Participate in Career Fair 101(TBA): Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to network, get tips on business attire, and find out how to make the most out of a career fair.

  4. Attend Career Prep Workshops: Resume Writing and Interview Skills. Check the CDC website for the dates when these workshops are being offered.

  5. Have your resume critiqued: To reserve an appointment for the ResumeMania, contact the CDC directly at 561-297-3533. You can also have your resume critiqued during Same Day Career Advising Monday (Thursday from 1-4 p.m.).

  6. Prepare your "Elevator Speech:" Job fairs are generally busy, so you do not have a lot of time to impress the recruiter. Preparing what you want to tell them in advance will improve your chances of appearing serious and motivated. The "Elevator Speech" should include a brief summary of: your name, major, graduation date, career interests, work experience, activities and the type of career info you seek. Prepare your "Elevator Speech" by filling out this form.

  7. Buy a leather portfolio to put resumes in: We recommend you bring multiple copies of your resume to hand out to employers. The amount of copies depends on the number of companies you are interested in applying for. To view the list of attending companies, log into OWL CareerLink (Student Login/Alumni Login) and select "Career Events" from the menu bar.


Professional Appearance

Since you will be meeting with employers, it is a good idea to "dress for success," just like you would if you were going to an interview. Professional business attire is required to attend career fairs. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Men's Attire:
    1. The Suit
      • Wear a full suit (matching pants and jacket) or shirt, tie and dress pants.
      • Choose suits neutral in color (charcoal, navy, or gray).
      • The suit jacket should be buttoned while standing and unbuttoned to sit. Do not button the bottom button of a three or two-piece suit.
      • Try to avoid suits with double-breasted jackets.
    2. The Dress Shirt:
      • Choose plain, long-sleeved shirts in white tones or light blues.
      • The shirt's sleeve should extend beyond the suit jacket sleeves by 1/2 inch.
      • Always wear an undershirt (avoid v-necks) as they give the appearance of a finished look.
    3. The Tie:
      • Wear a conservative tie with subtle patterns or solid colors.
      • Ties should be of good quality and made of 100% silk.
      • Always wear a tie that is darker than your shirt.
      • Tie your tie to fall in the middle of your belt.
  2. Women's Attire:
    1. The Suit:
      • Choose a classic suit, avoiding trendy suit styles.
      • For a conservative organization, a skirt suit is still considered the appropriate interview attire. A pantsuit, while acceptable for some organizations, is still considered less formal but acceptable for Career Day.
      • Jacket sleeves should fall 1/2 inch below your wrist.
      • Skirt length should be to the knee (no miniskirts).
    2. The Blouse:
      • Blouses should be updated, but neither low-cut nor revealing.
      • Do not wear a camisole or see-through blouse.
    3. Shoes and Hose:
      • Shoes should be pumps or sling backs, do not wear shoes with open toes, open heel, or ankle straps.
      • Shoe color should be darker than your suit.
      • Heels should be 2-3 inches; higher heels should be saved for after hours.
      • If worn, hosiery should match your skin tone or suit.
      • Skin-colored hose should always be worn with short-sleeved suits to create a balanced look.

What to expect at a career fair

  1. Sign in at the student registration table in the Arena lobby. Print a name tag with your name, major, and month/year of graduation. (Name tag and markers will be provided).
  2. Look at the career fair floor plan handout, which lists the companies in attendance and the what majors they are looking for.
  3. Network with employers
  4. Visit the Career Develepment Center table at the event.
  5. Ask employers for thier business card.
  6. Remember to follow up after the career fair.

Career Fair Spring 2015

Contact: Employer Relation Teams
Tel: 561-297-3533
Fax: 561-297-2740