Recent Conference Presentations

Chary, Meena 2005. The Local Telecommunciations Market: A Natural Monopoly in a Policy Loop. FLorida Political Science Association Conference, Tallahasee, Florida.

Choi, Sanghan. 2005. A Step to Open Window of the US Armed Forces Policy: A South Korean Case of Global Coalition in the 21st Century. Florida Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Tallahassee, Florida.

Dickens-Johnson, Mary. 2004. Why Some Commercial Activities Programs Can't Work. National Contract Management Association World Congress.

Keeler, Rebecca. 2005. Constructing and Deconstructing Policy Categories. Florida Political Science Association, Tallahassee, Florida

Keeler, Rebecca. 2005. Constructing and Deconstructing Policy Categories. FAU Research Symposium, Boca Raton, Florida.

Mizinova, Iliana, co-author Dr. Prosperi . 2005. ICT, Policy, Politics, and Democracy: Design and Test of a Framework in Integrated Evaluation Politics and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications (PISTA). Orlando, Florida.

Pressley, Cindy. 2004. Public Participation in Environmental Policy Making: The Environmental Protection Agency and Age-Adjusted Analysis . Southeastern Conference on Public Administration. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Stanisevski, Dragan. 2005. Power and Bureaucracy: The Paradox of Ideographic Pluralism in the Global Village . American Society for Public Administration Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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