Dr. Donald R. Cooper

Dr. Cooper

Donald Cooper, Associate Professor
School of Public Administration
Florida Atlantic University
5353 Parkside Drive
Jupiter, FL 33458

E-mail: don.cooper@fau.edu
Fax: 954-762-5693

Donald R. Cooper is on the faculty of the School of Public Administration where he teaches research methods, statistics, and organizational behavior. As a veteran FAU faculty member, he has taught in the MBA, executive MBA, and currently teaches in the MPA and doctoral programs in public administration. He also served as the associate dean of the business school, director of the public administration doctoral program, and director of a research center. Cooper's Ph.D. is from Kent State University where his interdisciplinary studies focused on organizational behavior, communication, and measurement. In addition to grants, articles, books, and monographs, he has received several teaching awards from the College of Business and the College of Architecture, Urban & Public Affairs.

His textbook, Business Research Methods, (Irwin/ McGraw-Hill, 2008) was the first comprehensive business research textbook and continues its market leadership in graduate programs of North and South America, UK, India, and East Asia. Published in 6 languages, it’s in the 10th edition with several decades of teaching students around the world.  Cooper’s Marketing Research textbook, was released in 2006, also by McGraw-Hill.

Dr. Cooper is also the managing director of the Cooper Research Group, a customer satisfaction and market research consultancy specializing in customer satisfaction, loyalty, defection, and market segmentation research for the electronics and computer industries. While on leave of absence in Paris in the 90s, he created IBM's customer satisfaction program for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He also directed the marketing research that launched IBM's first consumer brand PC in Europe - ultimately becoming the Aptiva brand in the U.S.  Later he worked with Lenovo, the successor to ThinkPad. Currently, he provides senior management of electronics firms with brand, segmentation, and service/repair analysis. His firm also represents a wealth management consultancy in Shanghai, China.

Prior to his academic career, Cooper was responsible for executive recruitment at a Fortune 500 and served as an U.S. Air Force Captain in the 1151st SAS during four years of active duty.

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