Mock Interview Program

Mock Interviews are simulated interviews, designed to develop or test the communication skills of the interviewee. We offer a Face-to-Face mock interview service with a Career Center staff member to help you prepare for professional interviews. Traditional and behavioral interviewing questions will be presented. After the interview, you will receive constructive feedback.

Procedures for a Face-to-Face Mock Interview

  • Drop off your resume, job description, and website address of a company you are interested in, 48 hours in advance of your appointment to our office, SU 220.
  • If you have questions that you would like to practice please tell your interviewer at the time of your mock interview.
  • Come "dress to impress". Wear the professional attire you are planning to wear to your future interviews.
  • Bring what you feel is necessary to the interview.
  • How Do I Schedule A Mock Interview?

    To make an appointment, visit the Career Center - Boca Raton Campus in SU 220 and/or call 561-297-3533. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance of the mock interview.

    Additional Information:

    • PREPARATION IS VITAL! Know yourself AND the company.

    • Employers are most interested in HOW what you’ve done qualifies you for the job you’re applying for. The interview will often take a BEHAVIORAL approach where you will be expected to discuss specific situations you have experienced, and the outcomes of those situations.

    • Be prepared to discuss your Academic and Work Background, Career Interests and Personal Goals, Strengths and Weaknesses, Special Skills or Talents, Accomplishments, and Leadership.

    • Employers will evaluate your Motivation for Work, Ability to Learn, Judgment, Planning and Organizing, Career Ambition, and Initiative.


    • Some typical Interview Questions:

      • Tell me about yourself!

      • What accomplishments are you most proud of?

      •  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

      •  What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

    • Research Companies using recruiting literature, annual reports, and national publications (directories, indexes, industrial guides, and periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Fortune Magazine). Information on many organizations is readily available in the Career Center Library, other Campus and local libraries, and via the World Wide Web.

    • KEY ITEMS TO REMEMBER: Dress appropriately, be on time, and remember, the keys to a successful interview are to BE PREPARED, AND MARKET YOURSELF EFFECTIVELY!

    Other important interview considerations

    Seven Deadly Interview Sins:

    • A Lack of Enthusiasm

    • Unprofessional Behavior

    • Poor Research Prior to Interviews

    • Misrepresenting yourself/your credentials to employers

    • A Lack of Direction

    • Weak Communication Skills

    • Failure to Market Yourself

    Questions to Ask Employers:
    • Upon what criteria will my performance be evaluated?

    • How and when is this done and by whom?

    • Describe the kind of people who thrive in your company.

    • What are the key competencies of a successful employee?

    • How would you describe the management style of the person who would be supervising me?

    • What are the major issues this organization currently faces in this industry?

    • What are the opportunities for succession and increased responsibility within the organization?

    • Is there a commitment to promote from within?

    • How does this job and department fit into the organization as a whole?

    • How would you describe the corporate culture?

    • What opportunities exist for professional development and continuing education/training?

    After the Interview:
    • As soon as possible, make notes of what was discussed in the interview.

    • Respond promptly to any employer request, including transcripts or references.

    • Follow up immediately with a thank you letter thanking the employer for their time and consideration, also reemphasizing your interest in the company/position. If the Interviewer indicates a preference for email communication, utilize email instead of "mailed" correspondence.

    1421 West Fifth Street
    Columbia, Missouri 45251

    February 2, 2007

    Mr. Howard Sturm
    Personnel Manager
    Modern Advertising, Inc.
    1440 Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60511

    Dear Mr. Sturm:

    Thank you for meeting with me last Thursday, January 27th to discuss the position of copywriter at Modern Advertising, Inc. I was quite impressed with the enthusiasm you displayed for Modern Advertising’s future and the helpfulness of your office personnel. Learning about Modern’s present media campaign for the Houston Chamber of Commerce was exciting and demonstrated your creative approach to advertising. Modern Advertising is a company with which I would like to be associated.

    Your description of the special qualifications needed for this position was especially interesting. My ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines has already been proven in the advertising position I held with the Columbia Missourian. As I stated in our meeting, I enjoy the challenge of a competitive environment in which success is based upon achievement. I would also like to mention that since our meeting I have received the College Reporter’s Award for an article of mine published in the Columbia Missourian. This is my first national award, and I am quite encouraged by this approval of my work.

     Again, thank you for considering me for the position of copywriter. I look forward to further communication with you, and will contact you within two weeks to check on the status of my application.


    Lisa Martin

    • Enthusiasm/Motivation

    • Interpersonal Skills

    • Verbal Communication Skills

    • Technical Knowledge

    • Leadership Experience

    • Applicable Work Experience

    • Academic Record

    • Personality

    • Knowledge of Career Field

    • Written Communication Skills

    Areas where new graduates need to improve
    • Knowledge of Career Field

    • Verbal Communication Skills

    • Applicable Work Experience

    • Interpersonal Skills

    • Leadership Experience

    • Enthusiasm/Motivation

    • Written Communication Skills

    • Technical Knowledge

    • Personality

    • Resume

    ***Qualities are presented in order of decreasing importance/frequency according to a survey of employers and recruiters.

    The job market looks very good, especially if a candidate is …
    • Geographically Mobile – willing to go where the work is located.

    • Realistic about Job Objectives – knows what skills and interests apply.

    • Prepared for the Job Search – does employer research and is ready with a great resume and interviewing skills

    FAU'S Professional Mentor Program

    The Professional Mentor Program is a module within OWL CareerLink you can use to network with FAU alumni and employers. The program provides currently enrolled FAU undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to be mentored by industry representatives. You can ask them about their career path, major or seek job search advice. Professionals share their career experiences through Informational Interviews (via telephone, meeting in person or e-mail) and through on site visits. Students can learn first hand about a career by observing and learning directly from mentors through Job Shadowing, visiting a mentor in the workplace. To access the Professional Mentor Program, create an account in OWL CareerLink. Once your account is active you can log in and choose the “Mentor” tab to browse a list of participating alumni and employers. Search for professionals in your career field. Ask questions such as “What is a typical day like working in your field?” “How did you get this position?” and “What skills do you look for when hiring?” You will sometimes find majors that do not directly correspond to certain careers. Ask professionals how they made the connection. Contact the Career Center with questions or to learn more about the mentor program. The Professional Mentor Program is offered in collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations.

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