2017 Best Practice Award

2017 Best Practice Award

The FAU Career Center has been awarded the “Best Practice of the Year Award” by the Cooperative Education & Internship Association (CEIA) for merging practices from both the National Association of Colleges & Employers and CEIA. The CEIA’s definition of best practice is defined as implementing a positive change in one or more of a program’s core operations with innovation, measurable effectiveness and efficiency.

The FAU Career Center is the campus resource center for student and alumni success. The Career Center is a centralized, comprehensive operation geared to assist all FAU students and recent graduates with their career management needs. The center also serves as a career-planning hub for all FAU students from freshman year to graduation.

About Career Center Internships

The FAU Career Center has an award-winning internship program. From start to finish, a student enrolling in an internship program will learn skills that will ensure they are career-ready. This is accomplished by evaluating objectives and exposing students to skills research has shown employers are looking for. By setting goals to meet by the end of the program, the students in the internship programs are actively engaged in this process. Not only does the student become involved in their own evaluation, but more importantly the employers are involved as well. Employer involvement allows students to get constructive feedback directly from their employers. The FAU Career Center acknowledges that college students also need to learn soft skills to be successful in the workforce. As a result, a big part of the program is teaching soft skills such as communication and working as a team.

About CEIA Cooperative Education & Internship Association

“CEIA remains the leader in providing professional development and resources to practitioners in the fields of cooperative education and internship program management. The original mission of the organization as envisioned by its founders in 1963 is carried out through an expanding number of training activities, an annual national conference, and support and encouragement for on-going research and publications.”

-Cooperative Education & Internship Association ceiainc.org

About NACE National Association of Colleges and Employers

“NACE was established in 1956 and is the leading source of information on the employment of the college educated. The professional association connects more than 5,200 college career services professionals at nearly 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide, and more than 3,000 HR/staffing professionals focused on college relations and recruiting. NACE forecasts trends in the job market; tracks legal issues in employment, the job search, and hiring practices; and provides college and employer professionals with benchmarks for their work. NACE provides research and information to its professional members through NACEWeb, a survey of starting salaries for new college graduates, a quarterly journal, a biweekly newsletter, and surveys of employer and college members.”

-National Association of Colleges and Employers naceweb.org

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