Career Center Liaisons

The Career Center Liaisons bridge the gap between the college and the career center, each functioning as an accessory to their area. In February 2016, the College of Engineering was the first to receive a liaison and there are now two additional liaisons, in the College of Business and Arts & Letters. The hope is to add two more liaisons to the team. Each liaison offers the same resources specifically tailored to the students within their college. They work to assist students with career readiness and employment recruiting.

Amy Hedgepeth
College of Engineering

  Student successes are my successes. The most rewarding part of my job is when students get the internship or job they wanted. I am “thanked” and I know that I am truly impacting the life of someone else in a positive manner. For me, this is what it is all about!   


Lauren Chorlog
College of Business

  Liaisons are up to date on career readiness practices and development as well as our specific industry needs and trends. We speak directly with hiring managers and translate what we learn directly to the students and vice versa. We consult businesses on campus recruiting best practices, developing internship and entry level programs, and how to connect with their targeted student audience. We also work closely with the colleges to ensure students can enroll in the proper internship courses and graduate on time with professional skills.     


Mitchell Roshel
College of Arts & Letters

  I was a communications major as an undergraduate and worked for a television advertising firm in New York City before entering the field of higher education. This is very helpful as the liaison to the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters. I also have experience in graduate school admissions and many of the students I work with apply to graduate or law school.    

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