How do we continue to grow as individuals and a collective? How do we elevate the perceptions and realities of what we do as health and fitness professionals? How do we make sense of what we know and continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of our industry?
WE EVOLVE! Join us in April of 2014 for a chance to learn, teach, share, and grow.
Quick Facts:
When: April 5-6, 2014
Where: Florida Atlantic University, Recreation & Fitness Center
Who: All fitness students, professionals, and educators from the southeast and 
surrounding areas
Why: To raise the bar in the health & fitness field by bringing together students, educators, and professionals for an educational/networking opportunity.


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In a growing global industry full of constant change we believe that fitness professionals benefit from being networked and having access to other like-minded people around the world.  ReebokONE has become a growing platform that offers all of this and more. Reebok has quickly evolved into the brand of “fitness” and is committed to elevating expectations through continuing education, networking, and sponsorship of events like the 2014 EVOLVE Fitness Symposium. We are proud to have them as an event sponsor and urge all attendees and those interested to join the free Reebok ONE network. In addition to offering all professionals 25% off of all items and gear each member receives a personalized customizable URL and potential storefront where your followers can also receive discounts and stay up to date with where you are teaching, training, and more.

Click the link for more information and see the Reebok ONE booth at the 2014 EVOLVE Fitness Conference!

Thanks to our other current event sponsors!


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Contact Joe Drake, Assistant Director of Fitness, at jdrake5@fau.edu for information regarding presentation proposals, registration, travel, and pre-conference workshops.

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