Evolve Pre Conference Session- DVRT


Dynamic Variable Resistance Training Workshop

Instructor: Josh Henkin, CSCS, creator of The Ultimate Sandbag

Date: Friday April 4th, 2014

Time: (TBD)




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Want to discover one of the best methods of integrating corrective exercise and strength training? This six hour workshop will introduce you to the foundations and beginning training principles that guide the DVRT™ system and certification through sandbag and movement training principles.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the natural movement patterns of the human body.
  • Learn to properly sequence progressive exercises based upon altering load placement, body leverage, and the seven options of progressive overload.
  • Develop an understanding of core function as it relates to proper movement patterns.
  • Learn how stability can play a role in exercise selection and proper progressions based upon the 5 stability variables of the DVRT course.
  • Understand how to create proper programming via all training variables in the DVRT system and to coordinate them with appropriate movement patterns.

Josh Henkin, CSCS

Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, has been a leader in the fitness and sports performance industry for the past 20 years. Coach Henkin began to develop his innovative Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ (DVRT) in 2005. The success of  Coach Henkin’s DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag™ program has allowed him the opportunity to lecture and write extensively in the variable resistance and functional based training. 

Coach Henkin is a best-selling author, writing three books, as well as having published over 100 articles. His work has been seen in mainstream publications such as “Men’s Health”, “Experience Life Magazine”, “SWAT Magazine”, “SHAPE Magazine”, “Testosterone Magazine”, and “The Crossfit Journal”.   

Teaching is one of Coach Henkin’s greatest joys as he has been able to bring his DVRT program to over fifteen countries worldwide as well as being an speaker at several international conferences. In 2009, Coach Henkin received the great honor of developing the program “SELECTED” which he was commissioned by the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion to aid in their selection process. 


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