Giovanni Gomez

Giovanni Gomez
Exercise Science and Health Promotion
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
Training  Specialization
Strength and Conditioning
Core Techniques
Balance and Stability
Philosophy on Exercise       
I believe the most important key to fitness and health is consistency. It is coming to the understanding that fitness is a journey not a destination. I also believe that having health physically is connected to a persons’ mind and emotions, and I desire to help people find more confidence in their overall well-being.
Personal Interest & Hobbies
I really enjoy going to the beach, being with my family and friends, watching movies, going dancing, and reading. I am a big advocate on holistic health, and I mentor teenagers, and lead a young adult group at my church. I enjoy going on mission trips and being a part of events to help poor communities in our nation. Some hobbies of mine include a passion for sports; my love for soccer aided me in playing at the collegiate level. I also love basketball, football and hockey; and enjoy traveling, and taking random road trips as well as hiking, snowboarding and sometimes surfing.
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