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Week 1: September 17 : Winners - Chelsea Bennice and Jomarie Mauricio

Week 2: September 24 : Winners - Angela Culhane (5:30) and Roham Rashtchy (5:48)

Week 3 October 1: Winners - LJ Jones, Chrissie Missal and Tyler Gosling

Week 4: October 8 : Winners -  Ingrid Berg, Donell Henry and Nicholas Staley

Week 5: October 15: Winners - Jordan McCullough, Phil Bickart, Diana Alvarez, Teddy Wagenblast and Javier Carpio

Week 6: October 22 : Winners - Jessica Clark and Jeffrey Einkauf

Week 7:  October 29: Winners - Jesse Hoek, Shernide Delva and Liana Houston

Week 8: November 5: Winners - Ashley Reynolds and Mari Heghinian

Week 9:  November 12: Winners - Sam Buckner and Danielle Pfeffer

Week 1 0:  November 19: Winners - Taylor Hoff, Chip Corely, Jon van Dine, and Annelle Ripple

Week 11: November 26

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