A default occurs when a team cannot make a scheduled game and they come into the office a minimum of 24 hours before the game time and informs the Sports and Competition Staff. One default is the maximum per team sport per season. In the event of a Sunday or Monday game, they must notify Campus Recreation by 5:00 pm on the previous Friday. The Sports and Competition Staff will then notify the opposing team. The default does not constitute a forfeit.

A forfeit is not showing up for a scheduled game. Game time is forfeit time.

If both teams and/or contestants fail to arrive at the designated time and place, a double forfeit will be recorded and the contest will not be rescheduled.

Two forfeits will eliminate the team from the league and the loss of their participation points.

One forfeit in a double elimination tournament will eliminate said individual or team from further competition.

 Last Modified 1/9/15