Intramural Sports Flag Football Action


Any participant, who commits, incites, or aids others in committing any of the following acts of misconduct will be referred to Student Conduct:

  • Any physical contact, actions or conversation deemed threatening, malicious, unnecessary, or intimidating that is directed toward a Campus Recreation Employee, Fan, or Opposing Player faces sanctions from Student Conduct as well an indefinite suspension from Intramural activity.  
  • Action(s) which could potentially cause equipment or facility damage (includes spitting and snotting) and/or personal injury
  • Any person entering/using a Campus Recreation facility illegally, using an assumed name, or using a FAU photo I.D. illegally
  • Drug and Alcohol use at or near the game site or attempting to participate while under the influence
  • Refusing to leave following an Ejection
 Last Modified 11/24/14