Allowable protests include: player eligibility, rule interpretation, and rule application.  Official's judgments are not eligible to protest.

Eligibility Protests

All eligibility protests must be brought to the attention of the on-site Intramural Sports Supervisor prior to the beginning of the scheduled activity. The Supervisor will bring the eligibility protest to the attention of the opposing team’s captain. The captain will have the choice to remove the individual in question, or allow them to play under the impression that the participant’s eligibility will be verified by the Sports and Competition office. If the individual under investigation is found to be ineligible, the team will receive loses for all games/matches in which the ineligible person participated.

Rule Application and Interpretation Protests

Team captains must lodge their protest to the game official(s) prior to the next pitch, serve, play, etc. following the application or interpretation in question. This is done by calling a timeout and using the words “I want to protest the application or interpretation of the rule.” The official(s) must then notify the opposing team captain that the game is under protest. The game official(s) will contact the Intramural Supervisor for a ruling on site. The intramural Supervisor’s ruling is final. If the ruling is in favor of the protesting team they will be given their timeout back. If the ruling confirms the ruling on the field the protesting team is charged a timeout. If the protesting team does not have any timeouts left and lose their protest a 10 second run off is required.

 Last Modified 1/9/15