Below you will find descriptions to all of our group fitness classes. To watch a demo of the class, click on the video link next to each class name.

Format Types: Cycle | Cardio & Dance | Cardio & Strength | Mind & Body | Strength & Core


Cycle 60: Video
High-energy indoor cycling will push your fitness limits, building muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance through a mix of interval training, climbs, endurance and sprints. Training on a bike makes this workout low-impact, but plenty challenging. Make this class as intense as you wish—it is YOUR ride! 

Cardio & Dance

Cardio Kickboxing with a fun twist! TurboKick® combines choreographed shadow boxing moves, sport drills, and motivating music for the ultimate cardiovascular challenge. Come join this high-energy class that will keep you coming back for more!

Zumba: Video 
Experience a dance class with a Latin vibe that incorporates movements that are easy for anyone to learn. Using unique moves, high energy, and motivating music participants can dance away their stress. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for the body and the mind! 

Cardio & Strength

Bootcamp: Video , Video
Challenge yourself with this fun workout which incorporates a unique combination of body weight, interval, and strength training exercises. Bootcamp is geared for all fitness levels and is designed to inspire participants to work hard and train harder. * Weather permitting this class will take place outside in the beautiful Florida sunshine!  

Power Kickboxing:
For those looking to fit both cardio and strength training into the same workout, this is the class for you! Power Kickboxing will incorporate heart pumping cardio kickboxing combos with muscle building strength training intervals for a great well-rounded workout!

Interval Fusion:
This high-intensity interval training class will combine short bursts of resistance and endurance training to keep your heart rate elevated while giving you a full body strength workout at the same time. This class will help you get the most out of your workout by including multi-joint exercises for an effective, challenging, and FUN strength and cardio workout!

TRX Blast : Video
This full body workout is delivered through suspension training equipment from TRX. Suspension training was developed to offer the ability to utilize the core through functional movements. It is a perfect mix of cardiovascular conditioning, and strength all in one great class. TRX Blast will push each participant to a higher level of physical fitness in a fun and safe environment.


Yoga: Video 
Connect with your mind, body and spirit in this fitness based yoga class designed for all levels. Yoga classes will vary in length, but each session can provide a variety of health benefits. This relaxing and challenging workout is a combination of breathing, muscular strength and endurance, balance, coordination and other stress-management techniques. 

Advanced Yoga:
This 75 minute long class is designed for those participants already familiar with the basic yoga poses. Great for the more advanced yoga participant who is looking to take their practice to the next level: this class will help improve lean muscle mass and fire up metabolism leading to weight loss; increase flexibility and range of motion; enhance functional strength and muscular endurance in limbs and core areas; sharpen mental focus and concentration skills; develop proper breathing techniques to reduce stress, and help create balance and restore symmetry to rejuvenate the whole body.

Strength & Core

Coreblast: Video 
Focus on your core strength and stability with this 20 minute express class. This class will challenge the way you think about core training and take you beyond your normal floor crunches. Exercises are designed to challenge all of the muscles of the core to improve posture, balance, and overall body function.  

Total Body Strength
Strength training isn’t just for the weight room. Total Body Strength is the ultimate full body workout designed to strengthen and tone every muscle group, using a variety of equipment to keep you guessing at every class! 

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