Mail and Shipping Services

Florida Atlantic University has partnered with Pitney Bowes to provide the daily delivery of U.S. mail and packages delivered by national shippers. The FAU Mail & Shipping Center is available to assist you in processing your mail and packages, including twice daily mail pick-up and delivery for U.S. postal service mail, as well as interdepartmental mail and postage requests.

For additional information, please refer to the forms available for Mail and Shipping Services.

Mail and Shipping Services Information for Faculty and Staff

Mail and Shipping Services Information for FAU Students



Breezeway, FAU's Boca Raton Campus


Mailroom: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Shipping & Receiving: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Payment Method:

Owl Card, Cash and Credit Cards


Phone: 561-297-6172




  • What are the self-service kiosk pick up times?

Kiosk is pick up by 4pm daily

  • Where can I locate my tracking information?

Tracking information can be found on the bottom of your receipt. It is important that you keep this information in a safe place. Please be aware that the mailing room on campus or USPS do not storage tracking information. (Reference USPS.COM)

  • How can I track my package?

Delivery information including date and time of delivery as well as delivery location of the item can be accessed through the following: (you will need the USPS tracking label number)

    • Website:
    • Phone: 800-222-1811

Note: Unfortunately, USPS cannot verify the delivery status of an item without the number from the mailing label or receipt. (Reference USPS.COM)

  • How long will it take my mail piece with USPS to be delivered?

Each type of mail has different requirements and periods for reporting it missing. If your mail or package has not arrived after the time noted on the table below, please contact USPS. (Reference USPS.COM)

Delivery Waiting Periods

Delivery Waiting Periods        

  • My postage did not print or postage print but it is the wrong amount or damage
    • If your postage did not print, it may be stock inside the machine. Please call Novitex to 561-297-3172 and someone will come to open the machine.
    • If the postage machine prints the wrong amount or is damage. Please contact customer service Pitney Bowes to 1800-690-7219 for a refund. Keep your receipt in a safe place. They will ask you for the information on the receipt.


  • Why is my credit card keep getting declined?

It may be for the following reasons

    • The zip code entered does not match billing zip code where the credit card statement is mailed.
    • Not enough credit left on credit card (or money for debit cards) to cover pre-authorization request – usually $5
    • The card is expired
    • Kiosk will not take international credit/debit cards
    • If the numbers on your credit card are flat, the machine may not be able to read it.
    • The card type is not one that the kiosk accepts. Cards accepted
      • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
      • Debit Cards: Visa and MasterCard and only used without a pin


  • Why did I get charge $5 on my credit card?

It may be for the following reasons:

    • A hold has been placed on the card to make sure that there is enough credit to cover the cost of the kiosk postage amount.
    • This is not actually a charge and will be removed from the statement by the bank that issued the card. Pitney Bowes or mailing room on campus cannot remove the hold.
    • It is up to the bank issuing the credit card to decide when to remove the hold. Depending on the bank it can be as fast as 24 hours or as long as 30 days.


  • Can I use my TAG Number to purchase stamps?

No, staff members cannot use their tag number to purchase stamps in the kiosk. Please fill out a FAU voucher mail request and sent the mail to the mail room.

  • Who can I contact with additional questions that are not listed?

You can contact Novitex at 561-297-3172.

 Last Modified 6/29/16