Sustainability in Broward Campuses
Energy Saving Initiative at the Davie Campus Starts to Pay Off
Published Spring 2009

Energy SavingSince last year, many different initiatives have been taking place at the FAU Davie campus in order to make it a more energy-efficient environment. This year's electrical consumption for the campus shows that savings are moving towards the desired objectives.

Excluding the Greenhouse and the new Student Union, the university spent $530,000 last year (2007-08) on the electrical bill at the Davie campus. The projected spending this year will be less than $475,000. This constitutes projected savings of $55,000, which are very impressive since the price of Kwh has continued to increase periodically since last year.

Some of the initiatives put in place to reduce consumption include:

  • The addition of lighting motion control systems in a significant number of offices and common areas.
  • The manual operation of the campus chiller plant during the winter months (December to March).
  • The automatic shut-down of PCs (and other electrical equipment, such as projectors) in the computer labs during evenings and weekends.
  • The shut-down of classroom lights by the custodial staff in the evenings.
Below, you will find a series of charts illustrating the savings for this year:

Energy Saving

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