Sustainability in Broward Campuses
Energy Savings at the Campus Level
Fort Lauderdale Solar Panel Project
Published Fall 2008
Headed by Dr. Jaap Vos, from the School of Urban and Regional Planning, the Fort Lauderdale campus is in the process of implementing one of the most exciting sustainability projects of FAU, a solar panel initiative that will produce 50,000 watts of energy.

The initiative will not only cover the installation of 252 photovoltaic panels, but also the installation of a flat panel display and “real time” monitoring system in the building to allow users to see the energy produced, as well as the establishment of Sun Fund Scholarship.

The project, which is funded by FAU, FPL, the State of Florida, and a private donor, will benefit the university and the environment by: Solar Panels/FAU's HEC building
  • Reducing around 20 to 25% of current energy demand
  • Avoiding 70,000 pounds of CO2 to go to the atmosphere
  • Saving 4000 gallons of oil
  • Preserving more than 4,200 trees
  • Providing a pilot for other buildings in downtown
  • Showing the world that FAU students can make a positive difference,

In the above video, Dr. Vos explains in detail the project and its benefits. This project was highlighted in the Downtown Development Authority News. The following in a reproduction of the article:

New Green Initiatives Coming to Downtown
by Chris Wren

You have heard about it, talked about it, perhaps even done it, but what do you know about your downtown's "green-ness?" The Florida Atlantic University (FAU) campus is charting new ground by teaching and implementing a rooftop energy project.

Downtown Development Authority Article As a graduate student at FAU's College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs, Rachel Kalin had a bright idea: install a solar energy demonstration project atop the university's Higher Education Complex on Las Olas Boulevard.

Now, Fort Lauderdale's Advanced Green Technologies is about to install innovative rooftop equipment at the building that will turn Kalin's research into reality. And FAU will use a portion of the expected energy savings to fund a student scholarship, as stipulated by the project's private donor, creating what may well be the country's only scholarship powered by the sun.

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