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New Technology

> We are developing a state-of-the-art high definition IMAX camera that will have multiple applications for NASA and space exploration.

> We are working to strengthen coastal and port security.

> We are utilizing computer technology to aid in the future development of cities.

> We are examining transportation as a system, not just in parts, which will be of assistance in times of disaster.

Programs & Initiatives

Center for Acoustics and Vibration
Dedicated to the understanding of the generation, propagation, and reception of sound and vibration. Of particular interest are development of sonar systems, underwater acoustic communications, ocean acoustic propagation and ambient noise, flow noise, the noise from propellers and turbo machinery, sound radiation from and vibration of flexible elastic structures.

Center for Intermodal Transportation Safety and Security
A state university system-wide project led by FAU and designed to address the potential threat of terrorism affecting the safety and general economic welfare of Florida and its transportation-based infrastructure. The center's primary mission is to support initiatives by the state to protect and encourage the economic vitality of Florida by preventing both terrorism and transportation gridlock. 

Center for Systems Integration
A state-of-the-art center for multidisciplinary research, teaching and training with a component of service and nucleating beneficial economical activities. The Center's focus is on emerging technologies for real-time embedded system modeling, co-design, co-verification and integration.

Institute of Ocean and Systems Engineering - SeaTech
Provides an environment for advanced engineering research and technology development aimed at solving problems in the ocean. IOSE builds on and complements the academic programs of the Department of Ocean Engineering and forms the means for technology advancement, collaboration with academia, industry, and government, and transition of research products to applications.

Visual Planning Technology Lab
Advances research and knowledge on the application of geospatial and visual planning technologies for public and private sector planning and decision-making.


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