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Florida Atlantic University is committed and obligated to the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics programs in accordance with the NCAA, Conference, University and Department rules and regulations. The charge of the Athletics Compliance Office is to educate, monitor, verify and enforce the NCAA rules compliance with regard to each sport and component within the Athletics Department. The Athletic Compliance Office strives to be proactive with education along with having monitoring systems in place that are effective and user friendly.
NCAA Constitution 2.1.1 Responsibility of Control

It is the responsibility of each institution to control its collegiate athletics program in compliance with the rules and regulations association

2.1.2 Scope of Responsibility

The institutions responsibility for the conduct of its intercollegiate athletic program includes responsibility for the actions of its staff members and for the actions of any other individual or organization engaged in activities promoting the athletics interests of the institution

2.2 Student-Athlete Well-Being

Intercollegiate athletics programs shall be conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational well-being of student-athletes

2.4 Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct

For intercollegiate athletics to promote the character development of participants, to enhance the integrity of higher education and to promote civility in society, student-athletes, coaches, and all other associated with these athletic programs and events should adhere to such fundamental values as "respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsibility."


Compliance Education on a wide variety of NCAA rules and regulations

NCAA, Conference , Institution, Status and Athletics Rules

  • Athletic Personnel engaged in Athletic Operations
  • Institutional personnel
  • Boosters, faculty, staff, donors, former students/alumni, fans and friends
  • Prospective student-athletes
  • Student-Athletes
  • External Audit of Compliance
  • History of self-reporting

Monitoring / Enforcement

Bylaw 10 Ethical Conduct

  • Honesty and Sportsmanship
  • Sports Waging, Wagering Activities / Gambling
  • Unethical Conduct
  • Knowledge of Use of Banned Drugs

Bylaw 11 Personnel

  • Certification to Recruit Off-Campus
  • Limitations on the Number and Duties of Coaches (11.7)
  • Limitations on Number of Coaches and off-campus Recruiters (11.7.4)

Bylaw 12 Amateurism

  • Amateur Status (12.1.2)
  • Professional Teams (12.02.4)
  • Promotional Activities (12.5.1)

Bylaw 13 Recruiting

  • Contact and Evaluation (13.1)
  • Phone Calls and Contacts (13.1.3)
  • Recruiting Materials (13.4)
    • Printed Recruiting Materials
    • Camp or Clinic Brochures
    • Questionnaires
    • Non-Athletics Institutional Publications
    • NCAA Educational Material Published by the NCAA
    • Game Programs
    • Pre-Enrollment Information
    • Letter-of-Intent Programs, Financial Aid Agreements
    • Publicity (13.10)
    • Etc.
  • Official and Unofficial visits (13.6 & 13.7)
  • National Letter of Intents (NLI) (13.9)
  • Tryouts (13.11)
  • Sports Camps and Clinics (13.12)
  • Recruiting Calendar (13.17)

Bylaw 14 Eligibility

  • Initial-Eligibility
  • Institutional Request List (IRL)
  • NCAA Initial-Eligibility Status Report
  • Final Certification Report
  • Waivers
  • Transcripts and Test Scores (Pre-Evaluation of PSA) Best Practices
  • Amateurism
  • Student-athlete Statement
  • Continuing eligibility
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
    • Progress Towards Degree (PTD) (14.4)
    • Full-time Enrollment (14.1.8)
    • Drop-add of classes
    • Summer school
    • Outside competition (14.7)
    • Waiver and exceptions
  • Transfers
    • Permission to Contact
    • Transfer requirements
    • Eligibility exceptions
    • Transcripts for pre-evaluation certification) Best practices
  • Affirmation of Eligibility
  •  Drug-Testing Consent / NCAA on-line compliance forms
  • Institutional compliance forms
  • Medical clearance from FAU Athletic Medical Trainers (i.e., Proof of physical, blood work, EKG, insurance, etc.)

Bylaw 15 Financial Aid

  • Equivalency Limits (15.5.2)
  • Squad Lists
  • Non-Counter Certification
  • Grant-In-Aids
  • Renewals/Reductions/Cancellations
  • Outside Grants
  • Aid from Outside Sources (15.2.6)
  • Off-Campus Stipends/Aid
  • Student-Athlete Employment

Bylaw 16 Awards and Benefits

  • Practice and Competition expenses (16.8)
  • Ticket Benefits (16.2)
  • Academic and Other Support Services (16.3)
  • Benefits, Gifts and Services (16.11)

Bylaw 17 Playing and Practice Seasons

  • Countable Athletically related Activities (17.02.1)
  • Dates of Competition (17.02.5, 17.02.6)
  • Playing Season (17.1)
  • Declaration of Season (17.1.3)
  • Mandatory Medical Examination (17.1.5)
  • Sickle Cell Solubility Test (Initial Season of Eligibility) (
  • Time Limits for Athletically Related Activities(17.1.6)
  • Daily and Weekly Hour Limitations – Playing Season
  • Weekly Hour Limitations – Outside the Playing Season
  • Institutional Vacation Period and Summer
  • Skill Instruction
  • Conditioning Activities
  • Required Day Off – Playing Season (
  • Required Day Off – Outside of the Playing Season (
  • Use of Tobacco Products – Prohibited! (17.1.8)
  • Additional restrictions
  • Etc.
  • Number of contest and Dates of Competition for each sport (Figure 17-1, 17-2)
    • Participation Records
    • Membership requirements

Bylaw 20 Division Membership

Minimum contest and participants requirements for Sports Sponsorship (


Elements of Successful Compliance


  • Cultivate and maintain communication with offices within athletics and campus wide 
  • Keep everyone informed

Documentation ~ Cannot “Record Keep” enough

    All required forms and documents from coaches, student-athletes must be completed and kept on file as requested for monitoring

  • Team Rosters must be turned in as often as it changes (SA added or removed from squad list)
  • Schedules must be turned in as often as the schedule of competitions / tournaments changes and/or updates
  • Travel Roster forms and Travel Itinerary must be turned in at least five (5) business days prior to traveling.
  • Change of Status forms add-ons must first complete compliance preliminary checklist form; clearance from medical trainers and clearance from compliance
  • Change of status formsCut/Dismissed must have backup documentation for reason for dismissal and notify SA of being Cut/dismissed from team; If SA is receiving athletic aid. See Bylaw 15.3.4,,
  • If, change of status has been submitted – must update roster and submit to compliance
  • Unofficial visit form must be turned into the Compliance office at the conclusion of the visit. Also, PSA info must be entered into CAi – Recruiting
  • Official visit "must" be approved prior to visit! Also, official visit request forms with required copies of Transcript(s) from 9th grade to current enrollment from all schools attended; NCAA ID # showing EC registration and copy of test scores from testing site and added to IRL. If transfer; must have permission to speak/release on file, if attended four-year institutions and transcript(s) for evaluation.
  • Post Official visits forms and documentation must be turned into Compliance at the conclusion of the visit. Also, PSA info must be entered into CAi –Recruiting.


 Note:   Please contact the FAU Athletic Compliance Office for NCAA rules interpretations


                                                                                                                          Ask Before You Act !



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