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What is a major?

A major is simply a specific subject and main area of study that a student can specialize in. By completing a major, you demonstrate sustained, high-level work in one field and in some majors, you prepare for a specific career.

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What is a pre-major?

Some academic departments have requirements for official acceptance into a major that are in addition to the University’s general admission requirements. Until you meet these additional requirements (which vary depending on the major), you should declare the appropriate “pre-major.” This pre-major designation shows that you are intending to pursue that desired area or field but are in process of fulfilling any pre-major requirements. Once you have completed the pre-major requirements, please consult with an advisor in the academic department to officially declare and be accepted into the major.

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Pre-Communication and Pre-Multimedia Studies


*Students are not pre-music unless they have already been accepted into the Music Department by audition. Please see a Music advisor*.

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